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#07-Dec-20 16:53

This thread describes the last batch of updates to the 9.0.172.x series of builds which were merged to 9.0.173.

The build can be downloaded from the Product Downloads page.


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#07-Dec-20 16:54


The default number of neighbors for Kriging / gravity parts of the Interpolate transform is changed from 0 (Voronoi neighbors) to 10.

(Fix) The value of the radius parameter for Kriging / gravity parts of the Interpolate transform is adjusted for the output resolution. (The default value of 0 was not triggering the error.)

Kriging computes model parameters in units of the output coordinate system, to make the model resolution-neutral.

Computing the automatic radius for Kriging is adjusted to better represent the model. (Previously, computing the automatic radius might have produced the value that is somewhat too small, due to been reduced according to the number of neighbors too aggressively. We adjusted the logic to be the same as the one used in ESRI products.)

The preview for a transform in a table window hides values for unselected records if the transform is set to only alter the selection.

The context menu for the preview for a select or transform in a map window includes commands to set the opacity of the preview results: 100% Opacity / 75% / 50% / 25%.

The minimum width of a field header in a table window required to show a preview / order icon is reduced (to keep showing the icon for longer as the field is made narrower).

(Fix) The LIKE operator in queries correctly handles non-alphanumeric characters in the search pattern.

End of list.


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#09-Dec-20 13:46

That's nice

Is it planned to extend the Interpolate Transform to [Kriging with external drift] ?

Where i can set an additionally (or more) value fpr the regression.

In my example i have values of stock (trees) and a value of Height of the tree and from this

i want to create surface.


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#20-Dec-20 11:37

Kriging with external drift - we have Kriging with regression, is that what you are looking for?

We have plans to extend Kriging with (a) more options and with (b) means to set options semi-interactively, guided by statistics.


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#23-Dec-20 07:57

Hello Adam,

not exactly. I prefer Regression Kriging with external drift with more than one predictor, like T. Hengel describe in his document on site 51 (see attachement).

Merry Chtistmas !


Geostatical guide.pdf

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#11-Dec-20 16:31

In the latest version 173 it seems that some information of the Component Tab are duplicated, is this behaviour something normal?

In the same view I have Related Style... visible but once a set a new style all those are disapearring to concentrate only on Component


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#11-Dec-20 16:47

is this behaviour something normal?

Yes, it is. See the illustration for drawings in the Info Pane : Component topic. The upper part of the pane shows information for the component window. The lower part shows information for the active layer. If there is only one layer, the illustration is what you get.

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#11-Dec-20 16:35

I finally understood the related and style tabs due to the fact one geom was alt selected.

but my question on the duplication of infos in the component tab is sill valid


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#20-Dec-20 11:39

Dimitri answered, but just in case - the duplication is intended.

The first coordinate system is that of a map. The second coordinate system is that of a current layer. When you open a component, you can drop additional components into the window without creating a map, this is pretty handy. Then the two coordinate systems will be different. Same for component names and descriptions.


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#20-Dec-20 11:46


Looking at the calendar, we likely do not have room for two builds in the time left in December, so we are going to add several days to to pack as much as possible into it prior to the holidays. We have been working on registration, the build will have our first take on it. We will also have various small changes and improvements. We are planning to issue the build on Friday, 25.


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#23-Dec-20 10:37

We are planning to issue the build on Friday, 25.

I'm not against finding an extra gift under the tree on the 25th, but nobody will be working that day.

I think instead of putting the build together late on the 24th so that it can appear under everybody's tree on the 25th, it would be a better idea to utilize the relatively slack time between Christmas and the 31st. If we are going to have only one more build this year, I'd rather see it maximized.

Unless somebody objects, I'm going to lobby for issuing the build on the 28th or 29th. That will allow packing in a few more features, and it will still leave time before the 31st in case anything goes astray or needs correcting in a quick follow up build.

Any objections?


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#23-Dec-20 12:00

Not from me. :-). I will however be sending a wish list (suggestion) for next year before this year ends. Happy Xmass. Stay Safe.

How soon?

Mike Pelletier

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#23-Dec-20 15:11

Depends what the elves have cooking in the workshop and how hard they want to work next week. It would also be really nice to try out the new toy (173.1) between Christmas and 2021.

A cheer for registration and vector editing. My best to everyone

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#21-Dec-20 18:23

Playing with previews, I noticed this behaviour:

You select some entities in a drawing. You select a transform template and you check the Transform selection only option. You press the Preview button and you see the preview. You change the selection, by selecting more entities or deselecting some. You press again the Preview button and the preview doesn't change. It changes only if you change some settings of the template.

Shouldn't the preview change the second time you press preview, since you have changed the selection?


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#21-Dec-20 18:42

Shouldn't the preview change the second time you press preview, since you have changed the selection?

No, it shouldn't. That's discussed in the Transform Pane topic.

Also, please start a new thread for questions like this, since the question isn't about 172.last.

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