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#07-Dec-20 16:52

A new update to Manifold System is now available.

The update contains improvements and fixes in the following areas:

Panes and windows: Individual panes are taken out of the Contents pane and can be shown simultaneously. Windows and panes can be docked, moved between top and bottom rows, moved between left and right sides, undocked or closed using the context menu. Floating windows and panes snap to each other when moved or resized.

Component + Record: The former Component and Record panes are merged into the Info pane. The pane shows various new data for components: dimensions for an image, language for a script, page size for a layout, editable descriptions for all components, etc. Editing a record in a table puts record data into the Info pane, geometry values can be expanded to show coordinates and tile values can be expanded to show pixels in a separate tab. The new Related tab allows searching for records in a secondary table related to the picked record.

Select + Transform: The Select and Transform panes are reworked to use a two-step process: first pick a template, then edit parameter values, better utilizing screen space. Both panes remember their state on a per-window basis. Both panes show last used templates, allow repeating them and allow pinning them for use between sessions. The names of new components created by a transform can be edited directly in the Transform pane. Many transforms that were previously creating new components now allow putting the results into a new field as an option. There is control over the amount of computation resources used by a template. There are numerous new templates and extensions to existing templates. Queries generated for templates are shorter, queries for transforms have a clearly separated repeatable part.

Previews: Previewing the results of a select or transform in a table uses a separate preview field which can be dragged around, resized, or temporarily hidden. Previewing the results of a select or transform in a map uses a separate preview layer, which can be resized to cover the full width of the window or limited to its left or right side, or temporarily hidden. All data for the preview layer is computed at the beginning rather than dynamically on zoom or pan, using multiple threads, ensuring very fast subsequent display. Transforms that didn't previously have previews now have them.

Queries: There are numerous new query functions. Many raster functions have been extended to allow operating on a specific channel of a multi-channel image. Many vector functions for 3d data have been extended to allow specifying the name of a field to take Z values from.

Dataports: Dataports for databases detect disconnects and automatically attempt to reconnect. Dataports for databases optimize batch operations, automatically breaking big transactions into manageable portions to avoid failures. Exporting a GPKG performs faster and produces files conforming to the latest version of the GPKG spec. Reading a TIFF recognizes pyramid data stored within the file. Geocoding servers of different types are merged together with URLs for individual services specified separately. Geocoding servers for Bing / Google / Here / MapBox / MapQuest / Yandex support search services that allow locating features near a lat/lon location with a filter. Linking an ArcGIS REST server allows accessing vector data. Various web dataports have been strengthened to work around server errors.

For detailed lists of changes, see documentation or threads for individual 9.0.172.x builds in the Cutting Edge forum area.

The update is available on the Product Downloads page.

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