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#07-May-20 15:45

This thread describes the last batch of updates to the 9.0.171.x series of builds which were merged to 9.0.172.

The build can be downloaded from the Product Downloads page.


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#07-May-20 15:45


LAS / LAS library dataports include scaled XYZ values in addition to unscaled ones in tables.

Opening an MDB or XLS file collapses log messages generated by attempting to use different versions of Microsoft Jet and reports only the finally used version on success or the list of attempted versions on failure.

Direct sub-pixel re-projection clamps and rounds produced pixel values if they are integer, for smoother results.

(Fix) Projecting an image with automatic local offsets no longer sometimes generates tiles with X or Y = -1 due to rounding errors in computing the dimensions of the resulting image. (The error was not affecting the values of the projected pixels.)

(Fix) Reading a DEM file no longer sometimes shifts the coordinate system of the produced image one pixel down.

The map window can now show a map layer if some of the screen locations fail to project to the coordinate system of the layer (eg, a Bing Maps image in a lat/lon map will no longer disappear when zooming out).

Connecting to a SQLite database / GPKG file now uses the internal implementation of SQLite if an external version of SQLITE3.DLL is not available. The internal implementation of SQLite includes support for RTREE indexes, JSON, GeoPoly. The internal implementation of SQLite only supports SQLite databases with GPKG-style spatial data, SQLite databases with ESRI ST_GEOMETRY data or with SpatiaLite registry tables require using external SQLITE3.DLL plus the required extension DLL, as before.

End of list.


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#10-May-20 22:39

German UI file for version 9.0.171.last and 9.0.172


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Bernd Raab55 post(s)
#11-May-20 09:04

thank you Klaus for your efforts and the high quality of your translations.


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#12-May-20 12:53

Thanks, Klaus. As always highly appreciated.

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#13-May-20 09:25

Status update: we are planning to issue the next build at the end of this week / start of the next week. The main thing we are concentrating on is improvements for panes and related UI features.

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