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#07-May-20 15:44

A new update to Manifold System is now available.

The update contains improvements and fixes in the following areas:

Projecting images: There is a new option to specify the interpolation type: nearest neighbor / bilinear / bicubic. There is a new projection method: direct sub-pixel, which takes longer than the standard method, but produces a better quality image.

GPGPU: The GPGPU interface is no longer tied to a particular version of CUDA and can use CUDA devices starting with compute capability 2.0 (Fermi). The GPGPU modules are loaded from the GPGPU.DAT file included in the installs of 64-bit versions of Manifold and Manifold Viewer, with the system automatically choosing the best version of the module supported by the actual graphic device.

Join: There is a new Join dialog which transfers data between components in 5 different scenarios: table to table, drawing to drawing, drawing to image, image to drawing, image to image. Each scenario supports transferring data to existing fields or channels or to newly created fields or channels, with a variety of transfer methods available for each transferred item. Each scenario supports transferring data to or from queries or components built on queries. A join operation set up in the Join dialog can be saved to an update query which can then be used to repeat the operation, eg, to capture changes, or customize it.

Queries and transforms: There are about 50 new query functions, 5 of them with GPGPU variants. Multiple functions have been extended to take additional parameters, enabling new behavior. Vector transforms such as Shift, Scale, Rotate and underlying query functions have been extended to support 2d curves (previously, curvilinear arcs were erased and replaced with straight line segments). There is a new transform to reverse the direction of lines. There is a new transform to place sequences of coordinates with the specified step and distance range onto lines.

Dataports: Reading a PBF file performs significantly faster. Reading a KML / KMZ file recognizes more variants of geometry data and more variants of URL links. Reading a LAS / LAZ file or a LAS library exposes scaled XYZ coordinate values as separate fields. Connecting to an SQLite / GPKG file no longer requires an external version of SQLITE3.DLL and can use the internal implementation of SQLite built into Manifold.

For detailed lists of changes, see documentation or threads for individual 9.0.171.x builds in the Cutting Edge forum area.

The update is available on the Product Downloads page.

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