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#31-Jan-18 14:47

A new update for Manifold System is now available.

The update includes about a hundred of improvements and fixes, including:

  • The new File - Print Preview command creates a virtual layout component for the current component that can be adjusted as needed and printed. The Edit - Save as Layout command allows saving virtual layout as a regular, persistent component for future use.
  • The map window allows inserting labels using visual tools similar to those used for drawings.
  • The map window allows selecting labels using visual tools and using Edit - Select All / Inverse / None commands.
  • Alt-clicking an existing label in a map puts it into the Record pane for editing. The Record pane allows easy access to label text as well as formatting.
  • The map window allows using the Select and Transform panes with labels and previews the results of their actions. The Transform pane automatically selects the field containing label text.
  • The table window uses the Layers pane to show, hide, reorder and resize fields. Same for command windows and for windows showing tables produced by queries. Last used field layout for a persistent table component is automatically saved in the table properties.
  • Right-clicking in the map window no longer commits changes to the currently edited record and instead displays a context menu with the choice between Cancel Changes and Commit Changes.
  • The Style pane allows formatting images. Formatting images uses faster and more precise statistics. There are protections from downloading too much data when computing statistics for web images. Multi-channel formatting is streamlined with means to set ranges for more than one channel at once, etc. Single-channel formatting is extended to use all classification methods available for vector data (such as 'equal count' or 'natural breaks') on pixel values.
  • The Style pane includes the new Options tab with controls for per-record styles (style overrides) and image shading.
  • There is a new dataport for GEOJSON files and a separate dataport for GEOJSON web servers. There is an export to GEOJSON which exports drawings.
  • There is an export to GDB which exports tables, drawings and maps. (Warning: attempting to export to an existing geodatabase will overwrite it. To add data to an existing geodatabase, link it to the project and then transfer data using copy and paste or using SQL.)
  • The Contents pane is reworked to use less vertical space for pane captions. Individual panes within the Contents pane are accessed using a drop-down menu or using Ctrl-1/2/3/4/5/6 keyboard shortcuts.
  • Opening a MAP file created by Manifold 8 translates formatting data for drawings and labels.

The update is available on the Product Downloads page.

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