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#13-Oct-17 01:51

I have recently tinkering with lidar point cloud storage in Manifold Future and from what I have seen so far want to congratulate Manifold engineering on the incredible achievement that is the Radian Map format.

Out of idle curiosity, I have imported ever larger lidar pointclouds into MAP storage with a view to assessing whether Radian technology offers a potential solution to our ongoing problem we have with lidar storage, discovery and analysis.

Encouraged by my findings, I now have our organization's entire point cloud dataset and all las attribution stored as a single table containing some 1.72 billion points. Once imported, I have been absolutely astonished by the performance opening the map file which as shown in the screen grab below is ~0.4 of a second! Considering that following this blink of an eye, all of the data is available in a parallel data structure and ready to go with Radian's parallel analytics, this represents a huge achievement and opens up a host of possibilities.

How many records is 1.72 billion? I had no real comprehension, but at the height an individual record shows in attached the screen grab, if I were to scroll through the entire table, I'd be at it a while as it would be 6820 kilometers long!


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#13-Oct-17 03:39

Sorry, I meant 8620km long even more astonishing

Landsystems Ltd ... Know your land |

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#13-Oct-17 03:55

So, 1.35 times the radius of the Earth.

Everything really is a table.

Mike Pelletier

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#13-Oct-17 15:10

Yes but did the first table come from nothing or did it have no beginning


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#27-Oct-17 10:34

...since the beginning of everything is traditionally the word, the first table came from SQL.

(And now I see what was up with the desires to have bottomless tables.)

Mike Pelletier

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#30-Oct-17 16:08

It seems logic (SQL) comes must come from illogic (the beginning), so I suppose illogical requests will continue

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