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What is this forum for? What is Manifold? What is Radian?

Manifold and Radian are software products which allow you to work with geographic data. This forum discusses these products and how to use them.

For more on what the products do, see

What are the ground rules for posting?

Thanks for asking. The community use agreement applies, but that boils down to only a few rules designed to keep communication as clear and focused as possible. None of the rules are going to feel unusual, they are just common sense and things that have proven to work.

  • Prior to asking a question, please search the forum for answers. Someone might have had a similar question in the past and that question might have been answered.
  • Post in English.
  • Remain on topic, about the products and how to use them. If you want to diverge from the current topic, create a new thread.
  • Do not post advertisements, profanity and / or adult material or links to it. Do not fight with other users (no ad hominem attacks, etc).

The forum is moderated. If a particular post is breaking some of the rules, the admins might remove it (or, for example, suggest to amend it). Keep your email address up to date in your profile so admins can contact you if necessary.

I have a feature suggestion or a bug report for Manifold / Radian. Where do I post it?

Please submit both feature suggestions and bug reports via email. You are more than welcome to post on the forum as well, but please send an email.

To submit a feature suggestion, email More details.

To submit a bug report, email More details.

We take both bug reports and feature suggestions very seriously and we are very grateful for them, thank you! For bug reports in particular, it is pretty common to have issues reported for one build fixed in the very next build. Don't hesitate to write.

How do I post code snippets with highlighted syntax?

Insert a code section using the Insert Code button in the editor toolbar. Replace the default text in the code section with your code (select the old text and paste or type the new text over). Have the first line of code contain a language hint for the highlighter. Available languages: //C, //C++, //C#, //Javascript, //JS, //JScript, //JScript.NET, 'VB, 'VB.NET, 'VBS, 'VBScript, --SQL, --SQL9, #. (--SQL uses the syntax for Manifold 8. --SQL9 uses the syntax for Radian / Manifold Viewer.)

How do I post an image?

Post the text and attach the image file. Start editing the post. Copy and paste the link for the attached image from the post into the Link URL control at the bottom of the editor. Place the cursor into where you want the image to appear in the post - it is common to create an empty paragraph. Click the Insert Image button in the editor toolbar. Save changes to the post.

Any limits or guidelines for files attached to posts?

The size of a single file is limited to 4 MB. If you want to attach a file bigger than that, upload it somewhere and post a link. If you want to attach a file as part of a feature suggestion or a bug report to a Manifold product, sales or tech support will be happy to provide FTP space.

There is no limit to the total number of attached files, but you can only add them in portions of 4. So, if you want to attach 6 files, attach first 4 files, submit the post, then edit the post and attach the remaining 2 files.

End of FAQ.


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#03-Jul-17 07:58

Search Syntax

Searches return posts that match all search tokens. The search string mostly just works, but there is extra syntax for getting more:

  • "..." matches a phrase. For example, this search - spatial overlay - will return all posts that contain the word 'spatial' somewhere in the text and the word 'overlay' somewhere else in the text. However, this search - "spatial overlay" - will return posts that contain 'spatial overlay' as a phrase.
  • from:... matches the author of the post. You can use - from:me - to search for posts created by yourself ('me' is an alias for the current user).
  • replyto:... matches the author of the parent post. Similarly to from, you can use - replyto:me - to search for posts that are replies to posts created by yourself.
  • before:... matches posts before the specified date. Specify either a full date - before:1-Jul-2015 - or just a year - before:2016.
  • after:... matches posts after the specified date. Specify either a full date or just a year.
  • title:... matches posts with the specified text in the thread name.

The number of search results to display per page and their initial state can be customized in user profile.

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