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#24-Mar-17 07:16

A new update for Manifold 8 is now available.

The primary focus of the update is interoperability with Radian Studio via ODBC. This allows Manifold 8 to access tabular and vector data in any format supported by Radian Studio, opening the door to using formats not previously supported by Manifold 8, like ESRI file geodatabases.


567. (Fix) The CSV import and other imports no longer sometimes try to allocate too much memory, which makes them very slow.

568. (Fix) Linking a drawing using the Radian ODBC driver no longer generates wrong queries if the drawing's table contains a dot in the name.

569. (Fix) Linking a drawing or table using the Radian ODBC driver correctly handles 64-bit integer fields like mfd_id.

570. Splash screens are updated for 2017.

571. The ODBC code recognizes the ODBC driver for Radian and asks it to enter a special compatibility mode for better interoperability. The version of Radian must be at least 9.0.160.

572. The ODBC code recognizes the ODBC driver provided by working updates for Radian and treats it like the ODBC driver for an official build of Radian.

573. Inserting data into a table linked from Radian ODBC driver recognizes the mfd_id field and lets the driver set values for that field automatically.

574. Attempting to open a MAP file created in Radian Studio fails with an error message that suggests opening the file in Radian Studio.

The update is available on the Product Downloads page.

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