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#20-Feb-17 15:26

Manifold is pleased to announce the release of the first official update to Radian Studio.


1. (Fix) Opening an SQLITE database with spatial data no longer spams log window with messages about 'mfd_meta' not being found (the messages themselves are harmless and indicate no errors).

2. (Fix) Transferring WKB data from PostgreSQL to dataports other than PostgreSQL automatically converts EWKB (PostgreSQL extension) to WKB.

3. (Fix) Tools - Scan Raw Binary File / Scan Raw Text File dialogs write configuration files in new format as requested by RWB / RWT dataports (JSON instead of XML).

4. (Fix) Importing data from GPKG and similar files correctly waits until all components are discovered. (Previously, the import could miss components like images due to a race with discovery thread.)

5. (Fix) Map window reloads layers after changes to their table references. (Example: changing the properties of a drawing so that the drawing refers to a different table will automatically refresh the drawing in all opened windows.)

6. (Fix) Attempting to access a virtual component on a slow data source no longer fails to wait until the data source completes component discovery if that data source has already been opened in the Project pane and slowly populates itself.

7. (Fix) ODBC driver no longer sometimes fails with an error when asked to return statistics for an index (a fairly rarely used ODBC function).

8. (Fix) Copy / pasting or importing images from SQLITE / GPKG no longer fails due to wrong metadata.

9. Activation dialogs no longer suggest to correct proxy server settings on failure.

10. TerraServer images in MAP files created by 8 are automatically converted to Bing Maps images on migration. TerraServer has been discontinued for some time.

11. The Project pane context menu for tables includes a command to edit table schema. This allows freely altering tables on data sources which allow some changes only when the table is not used in any running statements (ie, SQLITE disallows dropping an rtree index on a table that is currently being fetched via SELECT - and a table window can keep SELECT opened / re-opened until the window is closed, if the table is long enough).

12. (Fix) Dropping components from the Project pane into the query builder window ignores folders.

13. (Fix) Parsing coordinate system encoded as PRJ / WKT no longer sometimes fails due to a race condition. (The failure requires multiple threads to invoke the parser simultaneously, this may occur, for example, when the same component with the coordinate system encoded as WKT is rendered in multiple windows at the same time.)

14. (Fix) TIFF dataport correctly parses user-defined ellipsoids.

15. (Fix) BIL and other exports that produce .MAPMETA write JSON values for local scales and local shifts as numbers. (This is a minor fix, the values were being correctly parsed back even as strings.)

16. (Fix) SQLITE and GPKG dataports correctly adjust coordinate system for images that use units other than meters or degrees.

17. (Fix) RWT dataport no longer sometimes misreads the last pixel.

18. (Fix) MDB and other dataports that use OLE DB no longer sometimes fail on strings ending with double zeros.

19. MDB, XLS and other dataports based on Jet support runtimes for Access 2010 (ACE 14) and Access 2013 (ACE 15).

20. XLS export skips fields with binary data like GEOM or TILE.

21. MDB export creates starter file using the latest version of Jet / ACE installed on the system. Previously, the export was using a copy of a blank MDB file stored in EXT.DLL, this could potentially fail the export if the installed version(s) of Jet / ACE were incompatible with the version used to create the fixed file.

22. XLS export creates starter file using the latest version of Jet / ACE installed on the system.

23. DB and WKx exports are removed as outdated, following latest versions of ACE.

24. (Fix) FLT export no longer requires the exported image to use FLOAT64 pixels (can use pixels of any numeric type). Byte order is switched from MSB to LSB.

25. BIL dataport recognizes multi-channel data interleaved by band and by pixel.

26. (Fix) E00 export uses correct padding for pixel values.

27. E00 dataport is better at reading pixel values that are not correctly padded.

28. Renamed query functions: GeomBox -> GeomBoundsRect, GeomUnionBoxes -> GeomUnionRects, GeomUnionBoxesPair -> GeomUnionRectsPair, GeomOrtho -> GeomSnapToGrid.

29. New query function: GeomBoundsRectRotated - takes a geom value and returns minimal enclosing rect as an area. The rect might have a smaller area than the bounding box, because it is not forced to align with XY axes. Transform template: Enclosing Rect, Rotated.

30. New query function: GeomBoundsCircle - takes a geom value and returns minimal enclosing circle as an area. Transform template: Enclosing Circle.

31. GeomClip query function allows clipping a line with another line. (Examples: Intersecting 0:0-5:0 with 3:0-8:0 produces 3:0-5:0. Subtracting 3:0-8:0 from 0:0-5:0 produces 0:0-3:0.)

32. GeomClip query function allows clipping a (multi)point with another (multi)point or a line.

33. New query function: GeomIntersectLinesPair - takes two lines and returns their intersection points as a (multi)point.

34. Map window allows refreshing components. The View - Refresh command (F5) refreshes the opened component if it is not map, and all map layers otherwise. The Refresh command in the context menu for layer tab (Ctrl-F5) refreshes the active layer.

35. Images stored in MAP files are rendered with bilinear filtering. This improves the visual quality of the images (thin lines no longer sometimes break, thick lines have more stable width, labels are much more legible, staircase effects - particularly with shading - are removed) at a small performance cost.

36. Images in all file dataports are rendered with bilinear filtering.

37. Images in imageserver dataport are rendered with bilinear filtering. In addition to improving legibility, this also reduces the amount of data fetched from the server, making the image render noticeably faster.

38. (Fix) Map window automatically adjusts shading strength according to current zoom level.

39. The Style dialog for images allows specifying Z scale to use during shading. The specified value is a ratio of Z scale to XY scale, ie, if the image pixels are 5x5 meters and the height is expressed in meters as well, Z scale should be set to 1/5 = 0.2. (In the future, we are going to set this value automatically from the coordinate system.)

40. (Fix) Map window no longer sometimes blinks multiple times or closes dialogs after changes to big components.

41. (Fix) Export to E00 supports exporting images with any pixel type (have to be single-channel).

42. (Fix) Export to E00 writes pixel stats in the STA section with correct alignment.

43. (Fix) E00 dataport no longer sometimes fails to construct part of areas.

44. (Fix) IMG ERDAS dataport no longer sometimes reverses channels for 1-bit / 2-bit / 4-bit multi-channel images.

45. (Fix) ADF, TIFF and other dataports correctly merge image registration data (local offset / local scale) into coordinate system.

46. CSV dataport has been reworked to perform significantly faster.

47. CSV dataport allows text values to contain quotes escaped as double quotes. CSV export automatically doubles quotes in string values.

48. CSV dataport automatically detects Unix and Mac line ends in addition to Windows line ends.

49. CSV dataport automatically detects delimiter using the following list: , (comma), (tab), ; (semicolon), : (colon), | (vertical line). (Previously the dataport always used commas.)

50. CSV dataport automatically detects UTF8 and UTF16 (both low-endian and big-endian) encodings. The default encoding remains ANSI. CSV export uses UTF8 (always).

51. CSV dataport is better at determining field types and determining whether or not the first line contains field names.

52. Portable installation package includes default localization file (DEFAULT.UI.TXT).

53. (Fix) SHP export no longer writes wrong data values for some fields.

54. ArcGIS REST, TMS, WMTS images are rendered with bilinear filtering.

55. Oracle GEORASTER images are rendered with bilinear filtering.

56. (Fix) The New Field dialog in table window no longer fails to add a new component via Add Component.

57. (Fix) The Style dialog skips computing field / channel stats for equal intervals and exponential intervals.

The update is available on the Product Downloads page.


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