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#01-Feb-17 16:56

This forum area is dedicated to discussing working updates for Manifold products.

Working updates are preliminary versions of official updates published on the Manifold web site. You don't have to install or follow working updates, they are provided for quick tests of upcoming bug fixes or features for interested users.

Unlike main product releases and official updates, working updates have a four-digit version number. The first three values in the version number coincide with the version of the official build the update is based on. The fourth value is a sequential number of the working update. There might be multiple successive working updates between the two official builds, with each new working update adding more fixes or features.

Working updates are typically provided only in the form of a portable install, to encourage using them side-by-side with the latest official build. They will co-exist with the latest official build without interfering.

The forum area will contain one thread per sequence of working updates for each official build. Ie, working updates for the release version of Radian Studio will be discussed in the thread titled 'Radian Studio 9.0.158.x'. Please restrict discussion in these threads only to questions relevant to the specific sequence of working updates and please don't create any other threads.

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#01-Feb-17 20:14

This is excellent, and that's a great explanation. Thanks for adding this extra layer.

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