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flyash8 post(s)
#01-May-14 08:26


There has been discussions before about connecting to google earth image server. However the URL of the image server seems not working now. If you guys have the latest URL of google earth image server - please post it here.

Many thanks in advance! :)

272 post(s)
#03-May-14 13:58


I find this url working for me today:

Google tends to change the value of "v="

What i do is : go into my browser to a random google maps url showing a setellite view; then view the source of the webpage; then perform a search on "" and use the value showing after "v=" and put this in this url "" + add the value

I am not good at scripting but it must be possible to interrogate the source of the google maps webpage returning the latest "v= ..." value automatically without needing to do this manually.

14 post(s)
#07-May-14 07:37

It didn't work to me.

272 post(s)
#07-May-14 09:26

Use the link like this:

The link is still working for me. I am not a specialist at all. From former experience I know that google also limits the amount/frequency of images downloaded in a certain time span. If you exceed that limit google may block your access (for a certain time )



534 post(s)
#07-May-14 16:40

This works for me in The Netherlands...


880 post(s)
#21-May-14 19:02

I'm in Texas and get a "Cannot connect to server" error.

I had been using the v=149 thru 154 values for several weeks. I tried all values from v=149 up to v=180 and have not been able to connect.

Google just renewed their imagery over my county to Feb 2013, so I kinda miss it. In the mean time I export my important layers to .kml files and view in Google Earth, but that has issues that go along with it.


6,393 post(s)
#07-May-14 15:27

London may need another URL. I cann't connect to this server from germany, too.

Do you really want to ruin economy only to save the planet?


6,713 post(s)
#08-May-14 08:21

US intelligence intercepts to record which areas of the world different users are looking at is different in the UK and in Germany than in the Netherlands, so that may result in a different URL.

flyash8 post(s)
#25-May-14 06:34

Thanks everyone for the input. The address did'nt work here as well. Anyway just purchased the imagery from Digital Globe - turned out to be a good decision as the price was very reasonable and they were very quick, got the imagery after 3 days - ofcourse archived image, but good enough since tasking was made in January 2014.

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