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#29-Jun-12 13:04

A new update for Manifold is now available.

Changes since previous update:

  • (Fix) Creating bounded areas no longer sometimes creates areas with holes or overlaps.

  • (Fix) Creating a topology overlay no longer sometimes fails to correctly handle areas with shared boundaries.

  • Messages for errors occurring during activation are made more specific.

  • (Fix) Exporting a drawing to MIF / MID replaces end of line characters in text values with spaces, to avoid breaking MID files (was: end of line sequences, the fix extends handling of end of line sequences to non-Windows and malformed ones).

  • (Fix) Querying import options for formats that pre-scan data to be imported no longer makes the actual import process start at 100% progress.

  • Importing a SHP file with complex metric performs noticeably faster.

  • Importing a DBF file performs noticeably faster.

  • (Fix) Transferring heights from a surface onto a drawing with areas no longer double-counts some of the pixels on area boundaries.

  • (Fix) Pasting an image as a table no longer reverses color components in the values of the Color (I) field.

  • (Fix) Importing a TIF file correctly handles 3-channel and 4-channel 16-bit data.

  • (Fix) Importing a LAS file no longer sometimes misreads projection parameters.

  • Importing an ADF data set supports sets with multiple pixel data files.

  • (Fix) Rendering a compressed image no longer sometimes renders duplicate pixel lines shifting further lines slightly up or down depending on rendering direction.

  • (Fix) Importing a JPEG or PNG file no longer ignores data in the accompanying world file.

  • (Fix) Copying and pasting a labels component no longer sometimes loses custom label formats.

  • Importing a DNG file supports more variations of raw pixel data.

  • (Fix) Exporting a coordinate system to PRJ correctly handles Mollweide systems.

  • (Fix) Exporting a coordinate system to PRJ no longer sometimes exports UTM systems as plain Transverse Mercator.

  • (Fix) Importing an ERS file no longer sometimes fails to set coordinate system units to US Survey feet.

  • (Fix) Converting text characters into vector shapes when rendering a layout to AI, PDF or PS with the "Text as graphics" option turned on no longer sometimes skips curve points on character glyphs.

  • (Fix) Attempting to delete records from a linked table via a DELETE query no longer fails with an error.

  • (Fix) Docking and undocking panes no longer sometimes fails to redraw the contents of the frame and component windows.

  • (Fix) Computing a triangulation or a Voronoi diagram no longer sometimes produces incorrect results on regular grids of points.

  • (Fix) Computing a triangulation of an area can no longer produce flat triangles at the area boundary.

  • (Fix) Attempting to import a malformed E00 file no longer sometimes crashes.

  • (Fix) Importing county data from a geocoding database no longer sometimes imports roads that do not belong to the specified counties.

  • (Fix) Reading block data in a DWG file no longer sometimes misreads Y coordinate of the block insertion point.

  • (Fix) Importing an RST file no longer misreads datums for some of the projections used in South Asia.

  • (Fix) Exporting a drawing to SQL Server 2008 or higher no longer ignores requested format for geometry data (and always writes WKB).

For download links as well as instructions on installing and using updates, see the Manifold System Updates page.

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