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#31-Oct-11 15:27

A new update for Manifold is now available.

Changes since previous update:

  • (Fix) Computing variance or similar statistics in a query no longer sometimes produces incorrect values due to overflow.

  • (Fix) Performing spatial computations in a query no longer sometimes misoptimizes distance scans by ignoring the value of the location precision parameter (eg, objects that are very close to each other are not reported as touching since the optimizer is too aggressive).

  • (Fix) Performing containment or adjacency tests in a query no longer returns wrong results for certain rare cases of segment intersections.

  • (Fix) Exporting a drawing to MIF / MID replaces end of line character sequences in text values with spaces, to avoid breaking MID files.

  • PostgreSQL data sources include preliminary support for PostGIS 2.0.

  • (Fix) Computing minimal containing circle or centroid of an object no longer sometimes produces wrong results if the object contains a pair of points that are not equal, but very close to each other.

  • (Fix) Computing weight centroids no longer sometimes produces wrong results for areas with more than one branch.

  • Computing weight centroids performs significantly faster and is more accurate.

  • (Fix) Removing a DSN for the Manifold ODBC driver no longer sometimes fails to clear all relevant data in the registry.

  • (Fix) Performing a query with an outer join no longer misoptimizes the WHERE clause (by attempting to apply the conditions in that clause to subjects of the outer join individually).

  • (Fix) Attempting to create bounded areas no longer sometimes fails with an 'unknown error'.

  • (Fix) Exporting a coordinate system based on Eckert IV or Eckert VI to GSR no longer exports incorrect values for the center longitude parameter.

  • Exporting a coordinate system to PRJ writes values of datum parameters with full precision.

  • (Fix) Importing a coordinate system from PRJ no longer ignores values of datum parameters written in the PRJ file in case the datum name does not match these values or is not recognized.

  • Performing a transform in a map window preserves the transform target, if this is possible. (For example, previously, applying a transform to [Selection in <layer>] was resetting the transform target to [All Objects]. With the change, if the target layer still has selected objects after the transform, the target will stay at [Selection in <layer>].)

For download links as well as instructions on installing and using updates, see the Manifold System Updates page.

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