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#09-Aug-11 15:58

A new update for Manifold is now available.

Changes since previous update:

  • Fetching data from Oracle data sources via native Oracle interface performs significantly faster.

  • (Fix) Computations done with CUDA on certain Fermi devices no longer sometimes fail to produce invisible pixels.

  • (Fix) Compressing MAP file data no longer sometimes leaks a small amount of memory.

  • (Fix) Building Bounded Areas no longer sometimes (rarely) produces incorrect results.

  • (Fix) Attempting to convert a blank Geom value to WKB no longer fails.

  • (Fix) Reading curvilinear data from DGN no longer sometimes produces areas instead of lines.

  • (Fix) Reading data from JPEG2000 no longer sometimes leaks memory.

  • (Fix) Reading data from RLE-encoded BMP no longer sometimes produces incorrect pixel values on the right edge of the image.

  • (Fix) Attempting to connect to DB2 data source in 64-bit mode no longer fails.

  • (Fix) Attempting to read certain types of malformed PNG and TIFF files no longer crashes.

  • The installation logic is updated to allow running Manifold 8 together with future versions of Manifold on the same machine.

For download links as well as instructions on installing and using updates, see the Manifold System Updates page.

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