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#26-Aug-10 05:04

A new update for Manifold is now available.

Changes since previous update:

  • (Fix) The Manifold OGC WMS server no longer reports wrong coordinate boxes for systems other than lat/lon.

  • (Fix) Random number generators used by the query engine no longer share the same seed.

  • Maximum size of a table component can exceed 4 GB.

  • (Fix) Importing a HDF, HDF EOS or HDF SeaWiFS file no longer sometimes leaks memory.

  • (Fix) Reading data for a built-in coordinate system on Oracle no longer sometimes ignores measurement units for parameter values.

  • Maximum dimensions of an image or surface are increased.

  • The Link Manifold Image Server Data dialog includes means to set the extents of the linked image to whole Earth (this also is the default).

  • (Fix) Linking data from an OGC WMS server correctly handles relative service URLs in the capabilities document.

  • There are coordinate system presets for coordinate systems used in Poland and Romania.

  • The Link Manifold Image Server Data dialog includes a link to the Image Servers and Geocoding Servers page on the Manifold web site.

  • The installation packages no longer contain geocoding servers for Geocoder.US and Microsoft Virtual Earth.

  • Attempting to import or link an MDB or XLS file in 64-bit mode tries to use the 64-bit version of Microsoft Access Database Engine 2010.

  • Attempting to connect to a Jet data source in 64-bit mode no longer throws a "no 64-bit Jet" error message on failure.

The update is available for Manifold 8 editions and Manifold 8 x64 editions.

For instructions on installing and using updates, see the Manifold System Updates page.

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