Manifold 9 / SQL for ArcGIS Pro - shared preview background color for easier tinkering, specify exact scale bar length, Apply buttons in Grid / North Arrow / Scale Bar dialogs, SelectionReplace / SelectionReplaceWindow query functions to alter selection from query, -showserial command line option to show first characters of serial number - control grid step and unit, north arrow / scale bar / grid in layouts - north arrow / scale bar / grid with numerous configurable parameters in maps - command line style for text fields, refreshing table data keeps filters and orders, show total number of records / number of selected records in status bar, copy selected table records as text to paste into Excel / Notepad, copy single field for selected table records as text

9.0.178 - easily edit min / max scale for a layer, render scale for drawings / labels, layouts show drawings / labels at true scale, smooth tolerance + prefer positions above / below line for line labels

Manifold 8 - -showserial command line option to show first characters of serial number

8.0.34 - 64-bit only

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