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New update for Release 9: 9.0.174.

Registration: new Register pane which allows georegistering (georeferencing) raster or vector data using control points, multiple registration methods, registration errors, preview. Editing: new commands for editing vector data: Clip to trim edited geometry to existing objects, Erase to delete parts of existing objects inside or outside of edited geometry, Merge to combine existing objects together and merge field values according to transfer rules, Split to cut existing objects using a cutter line and split field values according to transfer rules. Analysis and queries: thin-plate spline interpolation, natural neighbors interpolation, Spatial select template. Dataports: improvements to image libraries, LAS / LAZ and LAS libraries, databases. Components: updates to CUDA, ECW, WEBP, SQLITE, ICU. V8 removed from the install with existing scripts mapped to JScript.NET, install size reduced significantly.

See details in the announcement post and more details in the documentation.

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