Manifold System - scale limits for map layers, auto-truncate long text values on export, read / write attributes for KML

9.0.176 - customize colors, edit alignment / language / style for multiple fields at once, COPC spatial indexes for LAZ, access spreadsheet data on Google Docs - better support for Windows 11, improvements to SQLITE / WEBP / LAS / DXF / KML / KOBO - language pickers and favorite languages, list of supported languages extended from 200+ to 600+, styles for lat/lon data / URLs / fixed set of choices, support for KOBO servers for data acquisition - specify alignment and style for table fields, filter items in schema dialog by name or type, more query functions for formatting values, query functions for generating random values and computing hashes, improvements to GDB / LAS - query functions for formatting values with international support, query functions for producing UUIDs and timestamps

Manifold System 8.0.32 - updates to image servers

SQL for ArcGIS Pro 9.0.176 - support for GDBMOBILE / GPKG / SQLITE layers, refresh tables and table definitions in ArcGIS

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