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Manifold 9: 9.0.175
Manifold 8: 8.0.31
SQL for ArcGIS Pro: 9.0.175

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The latest update to Manifold System 9 includes numerous additions to labels (line labels follow line segments), coordinate systems (EPSG 10.19, various new system types), dataports (GDAL, GDB, SQLITE / GPKG, ESRI mobile geodatabases, LAS, LAS library), user interface (drag and drop from Windows Explorer into the Project pane, ODBC configuration from About, better copy and paste into GDB and similar data sources), SQL (GeomWithin, GeomOverlayWithin / GeomOverlayWithinFilter, much faster unindexed joins, field properties for SELECT INTO), etc, and includes the new activation system.

The new update to Manifold System 8 switches Manifold 8 to the new CRT and .NET, adds some fixes, and includes the new activation system.

SQL for ArcGIS Pro is a new product based on Manifold 9 technology that installs into ArcGIS Pro as an add-in and allows analyzing data in geodatabases opened in ArcGIS using spatial SQL. See more at:

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