Linked Images from Manifold IMS Web Sites

Manifold can link images into a project using imagery streamed from a Manifold Internet Map Server (IMS) web site operated as an image server. The images so obtained will be the same as would be displayed for the requested location and zoom in an IMS web site.


This topic assumes the reader is familiar with creating Manifold IMS web sites.


To create a Manifold IMS web site for use with image server clients:


1. Create a Manifold IMS page in the usual way using the File - Export - Web Page dialog. In that dialog, make sure to check the Include Manifold Image Server interface page box.

2. This will create an imageServer.asp page within the web site.


To create a linked image from a Manifold IMS web site:


1. Open a drawing or other component showing the region to be covered by the image fetched from the server. Although we can specify manually the latitude and longitude extents to be covered by the image, it is most convenient to let Manifold do so automatically based upon the extents of the opened component.

2. Choose File - Link - Image

3. In the Link dialog's Files of type box choose Manifold Image Servers ()

4. In the resulting dialog, the Server box lists all Manifold Image Servers for which ISI drivers have been added to the system, plus the built-in setting for Manifold IMS Web Site. The built-in ISI-supported option of TerraServer will not appear in this dialog as it is accessed through its own Files of type choice. If you have installed any additional ISI drivers, such as those for Google Maps or Google Earth, these will appear in the dialog. Choose Manifold IMS Web Site as the type of image server desired.

5. Enter the URL for the Manifold IMS web site's image server .asp page, for example, something such as and press the Refresh button to connect to that URL. [The example URL given in this step is just a made-up example: use whatever is the actual URL for the site you wish to access.]

6. When the Refresh button is pressed, Manifold will establish a connection with the Manifold server. This is normally quite fast, but may take tens of seconds or even longer. When the connection is established the OK button will be enabled and the size of the image at the requested Scale and Longitude and Latitude range will be reported in the number of pixels. To get a larger or smaller image, change the Scale value and press the Refresh button again.

7. If desired, choose the latitude and longitude extents to be covered by the image. If a component was open when File - Link - Image dialog was launched the Longitude and Latitude range boxes will be pre-loaded with the correct latitude and longitude ranges to cover the opened component. If no component was open or if we would like to manually specify the latitude and longitude extents of the image we can do so. Press OK.

8. An image using a linked image icon will appear in the project. Highlighting the image in the project pane will report it as an Manifold image in the status bar. This image can now be opened and used like other images. Manifold IMS web site image server images are read-only and cannot be re-projected. Until the image is completely fetched, it will appear in an image window as a partially transparent gray rectangle covering the extents of the image. If the image is used as a layer in a map, it will appear in transparent color in those parts not yet fetched as tiles from the Manifold server.




If the "Powered by" logo is turned on in the IMS web site, then each image will be stamped with that logo. Enterprise Edition or higher Manifold edition must be used to turn off the logo.


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