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#23-Feb-21 03:38

I have received a multichannel Sentinel 2A/2b image which contains 4 year averages of 11 of the 13 original bands as can be seen from the Global Mapper screen grab '1 Channels.png'

I have cropped out a small sample of this image (attached in the zip file) which displays as per '2 GM Image.png' in Global Mapper, but have so far been unable to expose more than 4 bands within Manifold 9.

It is quite possible that I have missed or misunderstood something in the documentation, but whilst the manual seems to give the impression that we can expose more than 4 channels, all the examples I can see are 4 channel images.

Can anyone confirm support for more than 4 channels or direct me to the relevant section of the manual as I am very keen explore working with such images within M9.

Thanks in advance

1 Channels.png
2 GM Image.png

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#23-Feb-21 07:12

If you import an image from a format that has many channels, say 13 channels, that creates 13 images each of which is a single channel, one of the 13 channels. You can then do whatever you want with that data, for example, creating a synthetic RGB image with 3 channels, each of which is taken from one of the 13 single-channel images using a join. The JOIN dialog is the easiest way of doing that, as shown in this example.

I've just checked the .zip file you attached, which is a multichannel TIF. It imports into 9 as a four channel TIF. Don't know why, but I've reported it.


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#23-Feb-21 08:57

Many thanks Dimitri. I remember this now as I had access to a multi channel image few years back and as you say, it split it into single channel images. I had completely forgotten about this so many thanks for refreshing my memory and pointing me towards the joins example.

Thanks also for the report. The tif was created in Global Mapper as a subset of a larger image.

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