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#06-Jan-21 17:11

Until Manifold obtains 3d viewing, there is simple way to look at vertical cross-sections of 3d points.

Either draw 1 line on [Section] drawing and open (refresh Ctrl-F5) [VerticalSection Drawing] or make a selection of Points and open [lookEW_Selection Drawing] or [lookNS_Selection Drawing].

The image explains it best.


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#06-Jan-21 17:16

Small mistake in mxb.

In queries [lookEW_Selection] and [lookNS_Selection] replace [474658_2012] with [Points]


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#07-Jan-21 07:40

Wow! That's brilliant!

LandSystems54 post(s)
#08-Jan-21 03:19

I'll echo that! What a great demonstration of the utility of M9 SQL and very useful to boot. Many thanks for sharing.

radiowebst24 post(s)
#20-Feb-21 01:29

I see what you did here and I want to do the same thing. Can you explain this in a dummies version of what you did please? For instance what code or SQL functions in your file do you use to get this cross section view? I have built up a set of LIDAR points from the LAZ files of the area of interest to me. After that I get lost viewing your file. I understand very little about building my own SQL to do something like this so pardon the newbie or rookie questions.

This looks amazing, I just need to understand how to get to what you have done. I don't need to go so far as to do the multiple views, I just want to be able to draw the line, set heights on both ends and run one cross section version for that line.

Thanks so much for sharing your work.

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#22-Feb-21 11:42

I attached a minimal version of the project.

Assuming you have a table of points.

In query [VerticalSection] you only need to change one or two values.

---- Change this to the table where points are

VALUE @pointz TABLE = [your-table-name];

If your points are in Lat/Lon projection use some small value like 0.00001or transform your points

---- Change the section width (in coord sys units)

VALUE @sectionWidth FLOAT64 = 1;

Put your-points and [Section] drawing on the same Map.

Delete all lines in [Section]. Draw 1 line in [Section]

Open drawing [VerticalSection Drawing]. If it is already open then refresh (Ctrl+F5) and Zoom To Fit (Ctrl+click on layer tab).


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#22-Feb-21 12:00

addition: If you want to copy [Section] and [VerticalSection] into your own project then also copy the Code folder.

radiowebst24 post(s)
#22-Feb-21 17:02

Thank you. I was able to get this to work well for my needs. A couple of questions, is there a way to export the profile/vertical records to a csv file?

Also, in my case I am trying to show a path between two points that are at a certain height and I am trying to check if there is line of sight. Any idea how to show that path and points and have a vertical and horizontal scale shown on the vertical drawing?

Again great work and thank you.

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