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Home - General / All posts - where is the Fill Missing Transform ?

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#09-Sep-20 18:38

In 172.5, where is the Fill Missing Nearest Transform ?

Thank you.


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#10-Sep-20 07:34

I think it's pending, in the next build.


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#10-Sep-20 23:08

Very meta.


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#06-Jan-21 13:57

Does the Fill Missing Nearest Transform back ? I cannot find it in 173.0.

Any plan on having it soon ?


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#21-Feb-21 09:26

I'm trying to follow the 'Manifold Viewer - Fill in Missing Pixels' vid but can't find the Fill, Fill Missing or Fill Missing Nearest Transforms.

Have they been temporarily removed and are yet to return (as appears to be the message above)?

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