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rnowak21 post(s)
#11-Jun-12 17:39

I've been using these forums for a few months now as I have been learning Manifold. All great information and helpful. Thank you.

That said, I've run into an issue as I'm trying to build a query. Essentially, I have 2 tables. Each contains a column of zip codes. I'm looking to determine which zips from T1 aren't in T2, and which from T2 aren't in T1. Two different queries.

I haven't gotten very far. I tried doing something like (with C being the column containing the zip codes in the different tables)


WHERE Contains (T1.C1], (T2.C2)

That isn't getting me very far, as I'm sure the people that know what they're doing realize. Any ideas on how to solve this would be helpful! Thanks.


6,167 post(s)
#11-Jun-12 18:38

Hello @rnowak. Contains() is a spatial function only. Not what you want here.




    (SELECT * FROM T2 WHERE T1.C1 = T2.C2)

Is there an Excel or even an Access freak around who can do this in 3 lines of code?

423 post(s)
#11-Jun-12 19:37

Here's the three lines of SQL. This should give you both.

select * from T1 FULL OUTER JOIN T2 on C1 = C2

WHERE C1 is null


Finding those zips which appear in neither table is harder

If you just want a "one way" query, you can try:

select T1.* from T1 LEFT JOIN T2 on C1 = C2

WHERE C2 is null

Hopefully you get the idea...


rnowak21 post(s)
#11-Jun-12 20:31

These two replies have gotten me well on my way.

Thanks again.

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