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envijion5 post(s)
#31-Jan-12 14:42

Dear all,

trying to save a large project I get the error "can't write data to stream". This is because during the saving my harddisk C fills up completely. I cannot identify which file it is. After Manifold failed saving, i.e. after the error message the C drive has the original free space again. Manifold is NOT installed on the C-drive and none of the paths in Tools\Options\File locations points to the C-drive, i.e. they point to a drive with plenty of free space. Where does Manifold try to save this (probably temporary) file and how can I redirect this to another drive?

Thank you very much for any help in advance!


423 post(s)
#31-Jan-12 15:01

Sounds like your Windows temporary file location to me (i.e. OS setting and not Manifold setting). Worth reading the help section on optimising performance BTW.



envijion5 post(s)
#01-Feb-12 09:16

OK, thanks a lot! The help is of no much help if you don't search for the right thing.....

I pointed the Windows environment variables TEMP and TMP to another location. After 2 reboots everything worked as it should.

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