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 Joining two lines to make one?19-Nov-14 by Hydralogic3186
 Nearest distance to Polygons19-Nov-14 by klausk6222
 Export a map in dxf with the color theme of the drawing18-Nov-14 by Corentin1129
 Installing Manifold server for Geocoding17-Nov-14 by aminjutha1128
 Transform-Make Upper Case Problem with non-Latin Characters17-Nov-14 by geozap8358
 How to create polygons from a set of linestrings located inside a grid cell15-Nov-14 by ColinD4188
 help UI script. minicharts15-Nov-14 by KlausDE6652
 Problem with "Lazimuth equal area" projection15-Nov-14 by tjhb6191
 Navigation Toolbar14-Nov-14 by KlausDE6285
 Put small areas to the next larger one13-Nov-14 by mapasPT14316
 Cannot export to SQLite with ODBC13-Nov-14 by Mike Pelletier10434
 Complex Area in existing poly13-Nov-14 by Sev2122
 Displaying or hiding and colro coding arrows on a map11-Nov-14 by orerockon8277
 Manifold, PostGIS and (British National Grid) Projections10-Nov-14 by oisink152,331
 Component Control and PostGIS Linked Drawings10-Nov-14 by oisink201,130
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