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 labelling directional lines12-Dec-14 by phstanton4112
 Fill sinks and cold air10-Dec-14 by klausk4182
 Fil gaps10-Dec-14 by klausk9395
 shp or drawing to surface08-Dec-14 by LeRepère2164
 Spanning Tree Analysis (Along Roads)08-Dec-14 by tjhb10511
 transform area(s) to centerline(s)08-Dec-14 by yves619331
 Does South African Hartebeesthoek_1994 coordinate system exist in Manifold ?08-Dec-14 by WJ Erasmus42,581
 rotate point labels06-Dec-14 by tjhb4229
 Bing Imagery Loading Slowly06-Dec-14 by Mythman11380
 Idea for Lookup column/table functionality05-Dec-14 by rk8398
 Optimal Route05-Dec-14 by jshannon7256
 XMl table -> manifold Table04-Dec-14 by Gustavo Palminha2138
 How to get line slope have height information at line intersections04-Dec-14 by geozap3225
 Paste a formatted LO-Table into a layout04-Dec-14 by klausk3271
 Clip drawing area with visible pixels in an image04-Dec-14 by tjhb11287
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