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 Column Type for Temperature Range from -26.95 to 24.3808-Nov-15 by ColinD2164
 Create Drawing from Table08-Nov-15 by ColinD2199
 Land Cover Surface - SQL Crosstab Count of Unique (Height)05-Nov-15 by volker10521
 Can't manually add records to a drawing table04-Nov-15 by tjhb4262
 How to import XYZ files into Manifold ?01-Nov-15 by Lapprentis5238
 Union based on multiple table attributes01-Nov-15 by geozap7246
 WMS linked images from google maps engine troubleshooting30-Oct-15 by philw7540
 Temperature map using Gradiant map techniques28-Oct-15 by tjhb5192
 Thematic mapping with Symbol27-Oct-15 by BCowper2275
 Get vector lines within a given rectangle26-Oct-15 by oisink10515
 manifold stalls25-Oct-15 by adaptagis8589
 Line breaks in legends in 64-bit24-Oct-15 by ColinD3311
 Convert Unicode text to ANSI with SQL22-Oct-15 by anajera8283
 Free course - Programming with Manifold GIS (v. 6.5) with VBScript22-Oct-15 by bvmasangcay3357
 Fixing direction of parallel lanes for left-hand traffic21-Oct-15 by tjhb6328
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