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 EXIF script not working18-Nov-16 by drtees9235
 Manifold Image Server18-Nov-16 by Dimitri7326
 Internet Map Server17-Nov-16 by Dimitri2180
 Setting a scale based on distance13-Nov-16 by Sev12541
 null WKB13-Nov-16 by mdsumner5135
 Internal Area (i) field?12-Nov-16 by Graeme11477
 Questions regarding manifold capabilities11-Nov-16 by BerndD6275
 Manifold vs ArcGIS11-Nov-16 by jstrauss10692
 List of All Transforms10-Nov-16 by firsttube6310
 Manifold User Meeting?09-Nov-16 by cab361,610
 Image re-projection problem04-Nov-16 by tjhb8249
 Why isn't there a loop clause in sql?31-Oct-16 by tjhb7426
 NAD83 CSRS (NSRS)28-Oct-16 by firsttube311,770
 Unblock all blocked files in a folder tree28-Oct-16 by tjhb4248
 Help with Columnformat28-Oct-16 by tjhb19650
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