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 Adding buffer points to a drawing with radius value from an attribute table20-Feb-15 by tjhb11221
 Detecting and retaining duplicate polygons19-Feb-15 by danb5266
 Search / sort layer names in a map19-Feb-15 by tjhb36476
 Specify Column Width19-Feb-15 by tjhb4138
 Geocode dll18-Feb-15 by yves619170
 sql "IN" clause18-Feb-15 by yves617205
 Large filesize PDF Maps17-Feb-15 by FredMan4286
 Google Earth Pro just went FREE17-Feb-15 by Gustavo Palminha8600
 Importing lines from database that has two (A and B) coordinates in - Saturn traffic model output17-Feb-15 by leonard8599
 Error Opening Project - Invalid Code Lengths Set13-Feb-15 by tjhb141,112
 Creating line segments to form letters and numbers13-Feb-15 by tjhb10269
 vbscript command line options12-Feb-15 by yves615172
 Running Manifold from R12-Feb-15 by andyadams10986
 Name servers being changed12-Feb-15 by Mike Fisher1152
 Convert slope distance to horizontal distance12-Feb-15 by Forest5150
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