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 MySQL read-write09-Jan-17 by atomek3138
 Splitting a delimited string into individual rows07-Jan-17 by tjhb6275
 Radian Studio Beta / Release 9 Outlook04-Jan-17 by sgaiji10214,638
 replace text30-Dec-16 by cassini4327
 What3Words, location coordinates with three words29-Dec-16 by bdg191,496
 OpenTopoMap21-Dec-16 by dgreer5338
 Memory issues with large image files17-Dec-16 by Dimitri19704
 Unicode16-Dec-16 by Dimitri7605
 Move areas by a set offset along a variable heading15-Dec-16 by dale13387
 import xml json drawing15-Dec-16 by yves616321
 Select Vertices in Line Geometry13-Dec-16 by tjhb10423
 Windows 1009-Dec-16 by Dimitri7314,001
 Can't open large Tif image06-Dec-16 by dmbrubac501,833
 Manifold user meeting (proposal)06-Dec-16 by dmbrubac221,644
 Projection of points on a specific line06-Dec-16 by tjhb14544
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