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FAQ - Forum14-Nov-12 by Mike Fisher1872,191
FAQ - Scripting26-Aug-10 by chrisadam810,401
FAQ - General01-Mar-12 by dave2dracb1965,429
FAQ - Manifold System05-Apr-13 by Jock541115,203
 Qtn: Can you rename a drawing using only sql or assign a projection to a drawing using only sql?Today by tgazzard117
 Optimal projection for distance and area calculations25-Jul-14 by boomerbubba5189
 GPS console usb support25-Jul-14 by mikedufty121,615
 Calculate Height above ground level22-Jul-14 by volker6258
 Expand bounds of Voronoi drawing?20-Jul-14 by boomerbubba4269
 Manifold Toolbar19-Jul-14 by rockland121,200
 Query to Extend lines18-Jul-14 by tjhb291,273
 Importing Oracle with Geometry15-Jul-14 by krnadik3160
 GPS Track Center - North orientation12-Jul-14 by tjhb3213
 Date/time stamp on newly created drawings12-Jul-14 by highstand3210
 Save project after script runs11-Jul-14 by firsttube3165
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