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The Link / Share Status dialog is reached from the View - Properties dialog by clicking on the [...] browse button in the Status line. This dialog reports on the connection status of linked components as well upon the share status of components shared from Enterprise servers using Enterprise Edition installations of Manifold System. It allows us to alter the Edit mode that applies to linked components used to resolve any editing conflicts that arise from concurrent multi-user editing.




Linked from

The data source from which the component is linked.


The connection technology in use.


The rowset within the table, that is, the table or query from which the component is linked.

(propagation status)

A status line reporting whether or not changes made to the component propagate back to the data source.

Edit mode

Specifies how editing conflicts arising from multi-user editing of geometry will be handled.

Overwrite changes made by others - Do not attempt to detect any changes made to drawing objects by others. Immediately apply any local changes made to drawing objects, overwriting any simultaneous changes made by others. This is the only choice if either a version column has not been specified or if Enterprise edition or above is not used.

Review changes made by others - Detect any changes made to drawing objects by others and resolve editing conflicts using the Review pane. This is the default when using Enterprise edition if a version column has been specified.

The Edit mode applies to geometry editing only: as is the case with any table attribute editing, any edits of non-geometry fields in a linked drawing's table will always be immediately applied, overwriting any changes made by another user.

Shared on

For components shared with Enterprise edition, the name of the Enterprise server upon which the component is shared.


The connection technology used to connect to the Enterprise server.

Cache component data locally

Checked by default for shared components. Cache data for the component on the local machine. A good idea for performance and to allow work to continue if disconnected from the Enterprise server.


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