Transform - Reverse Lines

Reverse the order of coordinates that define a line, thus reversing the "direction" of the line. For multi-branched lines, the Reverse Lines transform will also reverse the order of branches so the first branch becomes the last and vice versa. Used with asymmetric line formatting styles so that the style is oriented as desired.


Directed Line Styles


Some line styles are asymmetric in that their appearance depends on the direction of the line. All lines in Manifold have a "direction" that is implied by the order in which they are drawn from the first coordinate that defines the line to the last.




A triangle line style is one such style. When looking along the direction of the line from the beginning to the end the triangles point to the left in this style. This can be seen by drawing a line.




We can use this style with the Insert Line tool to draw a new line by clicking at the left and then clicking at the right in the direction shown by the red arrow.




The result is a line drawn in triangles with the triangles pointing to the left along the direction of the line.




Suppose we draw a second line in the opposite direction as indicated by the red arrow.




In this case, the triangles will point in the opposite direction.




We can see that the orientation of the lines depends upon their direction, as shown by the red arrows. To switch the direction of a line (and thus the orientation of any asymmetric line style) select the line and use the Reverse Lines operator.


Tech Tip


Many transforms automatically run a Normalize Topology transform before running to eliminate common errors that may affect correct operation. The Reverse Lines transform operator does not normalize target objects before running.