The Segmentize command adds redundant coordinates to objects. It is normally used to make ready for projection very large, simple objects that would otherwise suffer distortion. See the Segmentization topic for discussion of segmentization and projections. The Segmentize menu command applies additional coordinates so there is no straight segment of an object that has greater than the given Distance between coordinates.





The set of objects to alter.


Maximum distance between coordinates.

Remove duplicate coordinates

If checked (the default), removes duplicate coordinates. If unchecked, leaves duplicate coordinates intact.






Suppose we have an area that is a simplified rendering of the province of Durango in Mexico, seen in Orthographic projection in a drawing. The province is approximately 440 kilometers wide. The simplified rendition was created by applying Simplify with a Distance setting of 25000 meters.




If we click on the area to select it as the primary selected object for editing, edit handles appear at each coordinate that define the area.




Zooming in to the Eastern side of the province we can see that the area consists of straight line segments between the coordinates that define the area.




If we apply Segmentize with a Distance setting of 10000 meters, Manifold will place redundant coordinates along the straight segments at a distance not exceeding 10,000 meters. Additional edit handles will appear for each coordinate.


Transform Toolbar Segments Command


The Segments command in the Transform Toolbar adds the specified number of segments, whereas the Segmentize command in the Drawing menu adds segments so that each segment is no greater than a given Distance parameter. For example, segmentizing a 100 meter line into 40 meter segments will create segments of 40, 40 and 20 meters.


Tech Tips


In some circumstances, Segmentize and Simplify are inverse functions. For example, if we applied Simplify again with a setting of 25000 after the Segmentize command shown above the redundant coordinates would be removed.


Many transforms automatically run a Normalize Topology transform before running to eliminate common errors that may affect correct operation. The Boundaries , Points and Node Points transform operators do not normalize target objects before running. This makes it possible, for example, to segmentize lines with a length threshold of 10 meters, and then use the Points transform to place point objects at the locations of resulting inflection points.


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