Runtime Licenses

Manifold System licenses may be acquired as runtime licenses as an alternative to regular licenses. A runtime license provides all Manifold functions and capabilities except for those accessed through the console GUI (graphical user interface). Runtime licenses are used when deploying an IMS application to a web server or when deploying an application that calls Manifold capabilities programmatically through the API (applications program interface).


Note that regular licenses also provide console GUI functioning as well as IMS (Internet Map Server) and API capability. Therefore, when developing an application that calls Manifold one normally does so using a regular license since it provides both the console GUI and also IMS and API functionality. This gives the developer the ability to learn Manifold interactively using the console GUI as well as the ability to try out runtime functionality for an IMS or other application.


When the application has been developed and debugged and is ready to deploy, runtime licenses may be used to lower the cost of deployment.


The serial number provided when activating Manifold determines if Manifold will run in regular mode or in runtime mode. The serial number further identifies which Manifold capabilities are enabled. For example, providing a serial number for a Manifold Professional Edition Runtime license during activation will cause Manifold to subsequently execute only in runtime mode with Professional Edition features available either in IMS or otherwise through the API. Providing a Manifold Universal Edition Runtime serial number during activation will enable subsequent runtime use of Universal Edition features such as Business Tools features.


Once Manifold is activated using a runtime serial number then Manifold will execute only in runtime mode and no dialogs will be raised to remind the user when the initial 30 day period of installation for a serial number has expired. It is therefore wise to always activate a runtime license of Manifold using both a serial number and an Activation key so that when the initial 30 day installation period expires no one will be left wondering why it is that Manifold capabilities are no longer available on the machine. Attempting to launch Manifold interactively on a machine when a runtime license has been installed will display an error message.


Keep in mind when activating Manifold with a runtime serial number that once Manifold is so activated on a particular machine the runtime activation status will be remembered even if Manifold is subsequently uninstalled and then reinstalled. Thereafter, unless the activation status of Manifold is changed, Manifold will execute only in runtime mode. This means that changing the activation status from a runtime license to a non-runtime license will require using command line activation, since launching manifold.exe interactively will simply raise an error message.


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