Problems with Installation or Configuration

If you are reading this Help file, obviously enough of Manifold System has been installed so that Manifold can be launched and this Help file run. This simplifies troubleshooting.


Error Messages During Installation


·      You must have Administrator privileges when installing. If using XP Home, you must login with the true Administrator account since some other accounts with "administrator" privileges do not have full administrator privileges.

·      You must have a reasonably recent Microsoft Internet Explorer browser installed on the system.

·      No other program should be running during installation. This includes any programs (except Microsoft Windows system processes) running in background that get launched automatically on startup. Disable all virus checkers, network snoopers, "value added" uninstall utilities and other programs.

·      In Windows '98 and Me it is possible that a previously installed program broke your Windows dll's by replacing them with out-of-spec dlls or that the program failed to update your Windows dll's in the correct way. If you have installed a lot of shareware or programs from non-Windows vendors this might have happened. The fastest way to resolve this is to wipe the hard disk clean (reformat it completely) and then re-install Windows. Re-installing Windows without re-formatting the hard disk may not solve the problem since the re-installation may attempt to "preserve" out-of-spec dlls or registry entries. This is less of a problem with Windows 2000, XP or Server 2003


Manifold won't launch. Menu items not available. Error messages on some menu choices. Can't execute scripts.


·      Are you using a Runtime serial number? Runtime serial numbers do not allow interactive use of Manifold System.

·      Were there any error messages of any kind during installation? If so, the installation is not complete and Manifold may not be fully functional. Resolve the installation difficulty.

·      If the system was functional and is no longer functional in some way, has anyone installed new software that altered or deleted Windows system files on which Manifold relies?

·      Has any user customized the system with add-ins or other customizations that remove menu items?

·      Most toolbars are on by default and can be turned on/off via Tools - Customize. Best efforts have been made in this manual to show only default configurations; however, it is always possible that some illustrations show toolbars that must be enabled via Tools - Customize. Check to see if another user has not changed your configuration.

·      Manifold menus and toolbars are context sensitive and will change depending on the type of component that is active. If a drawing window or layer is active, menus and toolbars will show commands and tools that apply to drawings. Image commands and tools will appear only when an image window or layer is active.


Toolbar settings or other options have changed unexpectedly.


·      Has anyone else used your user account and changed the settings?

·      Are you using a different Windows user account? All of Manifold installs as a shared application so that all user accounts may use the system. All option settings such as toolbar and window positions and any customization settings are personal to the user account that set them up. If you customize the system using one Windows user account and then login and launch the system using a different Windows user account you will not see the customized settings.


Transform toolbar is missing operators.


·      Check which window or map layer has the focus. The transform toolbar will be loaded with operators that apply to the component type that is active. Click on the window or layer you want to work with and the toolbar will be configured with the operators that apply to that window. Operators for tables, images, and drawings are different because the data these components contain is different.

·      Check the data type for the fields in your database. Remember that what appear to be numbers, like "3.56" can in fact be text string types and not numeric field types. You may think you have a table full of numeric fields when the table might have only string fields. In that case, the transform toolbar will offer only operators that may be applied to string fields and not to numeric fields.


No panes are visible. Project Pane has disappeared.


·      Panes are not displayed until they are checked in the View - Panes menu.

·      Toggle panes on/off with SHIFT-ALT-(letter) combinations. SHIFT-ALT-P turns the project pane one and off.


No scroll bars are visible.


·      Manifold does not use scroll bars for images, drawings or maps. Hot scrolling using CTRL-right click is used instead because it is faster and uses less space. See the Windows topic.


Windows disappear when minimized


·      If the project pane or other pane or window has disappeared after being minimized, check the vertical scroll bar on the right side of the main Manifold window. Windows can be positioned within Manifold so that they are partially out of the main window. In that case, a scroll bar appears. It could be that when the missing window was minimized it appears scrolled out of site in the main Manifold window.


Display windows refresh and then show blank contents


·      In Tools - Options - Miscellaneous , check the Use GDI-compatible offscreen cache option. The problem is caused by a buggy video card driver (are you using an ATI card?) and this option uses a lower performance workaround that avoids triggering the bug.




·      For normal operation you should have four times the maximum size of the files in use available in free disk space. If you are working with a 100 MB image you should have 300 MB free on disk. The extra space is needed to keep temporary versions of the image to allow Undo or abandoning of edits as well as to provide space for copy and paste operations.

·      See the Memory Requirements topic for additional information on RAM and disk space requirements when working with larger projects.



Disk Space


·      Always double-check you have enough free space on hard disk. If you have no free space on hard disk, Manifold will not be able to function because there will be no room for temporary files.

·      Even if you have plenty of free disk space, check the location of the TEMP folder for Windows. If the TEMP folder is placed on a disk partition that does not have enough free space, Manifold will not be able to function correctly.

·      If you work with linked images, clean out your cache files from time to time. Cache files persist forever and, in extreme cases, use up your free disk space unless they are manually deleted. See the recommended actions in the Managing Cache Files topic.