Maintaining Your Manifold License


Manifold System is licensed, not sold. That means your right to use Manifold System is subject to the terms and conditions set forth in the End-User License Agreement (EULA) to which you agreed when acquiring and installing the software. The license to use Manifold is not unlimited: there are significant limitations in the license, such as access to a limited number of activations and limitations on transfer that must be observed. Anyone who is in possession of a Manifold license has agreed to the terms and conditions set forth in the EULA. If you have not agreed to those terms and conditions, you are not licensed to use Manifold products.


In addition to the rights extended by the EULA normally also voluntarily provides additional benefits to licensees, such as the opportunity to take advantage of certain discounted upgrade offers, sample usage of technical support products through two free standard technical support incidents, possible access to additional activation keys (either free or paid) and other benefits. Such benefits may be withdrawn or modified at any time without notice.


This topic explains in an informal way how administers licenses so that you can take maximum advantage of your license. This topic does not replace or amend or alter in any way the EULA that sets forth the terms and conditions of your license. If there is any conflict in any way between this topic and the EULA, the EULA takes precedence and is the sole and complete authoritative statement of your license for Manifold System.


Routine Maintenance


By default, a Manifold product license requires no maintenance except retaining the original serial number email that issues the license and taking care to observe the terms and conditions of the EULA. For example, install the license on one computer and don't give out your serial number to other people.


There are no annual fees or compulsory support fees required. The default Manifold System standalone license is a fully paid-up license. Once installed on a computer it can run forever if that computer is not reconfigured in a way that destroys the activation of that license (significant disk changes, re-installation of Windows, etc.). Multiple activations are provided for each serial number so the license can be re-activated should significant reconfiguration occur on a computer or should the license be moved to a new computer. See the Activation Keys and Serial Numbers topic for details


Very important: Direct support and free services from are available only to the original licensee who is in possession of the original serial number email and is writing from the email address to which that serial number email message was sent. does not support third parties, such as customers of resellers who acquired a Manifold license from and then provided that license to the reseller's customer. In such cases, the reseller must support his or her customers.


As is set forth in the EULA, it is OK to transfer your license to someone else; however, because has no control over what is told to such a recipient or whether all Manifold materials provided to the original licensee have been provided to that recipient, will not support that recipient with any free services. In general, only provides free services, such as installation or activation support, to the original licensee.


Proof of License


As noted in the Activation Keys and Serial Numbers topic, a Manifold license is authorized by the specific serial number for that license. Anyone who has the serial number for a license can use that serial number to install the product and to get activations for that license. Conversely, anyone who does not have the serial number cannot utilize the license.


A Manifold license is controlled by possession of the serial number that authorizes that license. Licensees are identified by possession of the Manifold System serial number associated with the license. To comply with privacy regulations and other requirements, in any transaction with someone who claims to be a Manifold licensee must know that the person is, in fact, the licensee.


The sole way a licensee can identify themselves is by producing the serial number for the license. If you do not have the serial number, you are not the licensee. If you lose your serial number, you have lost your license and, if you cannot use one of the optional key recovery services if such may be offered, you must procure another license to replace the one you lost. Further, any free services for activation or installation support from are available only to the original licensee who is in possession of the original serial number email and is writing from the email address to which that serial number email was sent.


Lost Serial Numbers


Licensees want to have a functioning installation when they first install Manifold, so they usually pay reasonable attention to the installation instructions in the serial number email. Typical text used in serial number emails to advise users in the strongest possible terms not to lose serial numbers is as follows:







If you lose these serial numbers, you will lose the ability to permanently install or to use the products they authorize, you will lose the ability to re-install your products or to move them to a new machine should you ever need to do so in the future and you will lose any ability to take advantage of future upgrade offers that require a Manifold serial number.


Do not expect that after using a serial number once you can safely lose it. Serial numbers are stored in Manifold products in encrypted form and cannot be recovered from the software installation: you will need these original serial numbers, so DO NOT LOSE THESE SERIAL NUMBERS.




Users who have installed their own Manifold licenses no doubt remember reading the above and have taken care to save their serial numbers. Likewise, most organizations likewise are careful to assign trustworthy individuals to manage valuable assets such as serial numbers. For example, an IT department that installs licenses on behalf of users will normally employ diligent employees who will take note of the above advice and who will make sure to save serial numbers in the IT department's records.


There are cases where a Manifold license has been acquired within an organization and information about the serial number, who ordered the procurement, how the license was obtained and how the license was utilized are hopelessly lost. For example, if Manifold was acquired by a person no longer employed by the organization and that person failed to pass on any licensing information (such as the serial number) before departing the organization then it could be the license has been irretrievably lost. In some cases organizations don't even know if they've acquired a Manifold license or if they have whether it was an employee's personal license, provided by a contractor or consultant, obtained through a reseller or through some other channel.


A Manifold serial number is like a prepaid telephone or cash card - if lost, it cannot normally be recovered. It is not tied to a particular user or machine or even a download. If you lose it, you should consider it gone. Under some circumstances for some types of licenses it might be possible, for a fee, for to attempt to recover a serial number if the customer has detailed information regarding the original transaction. However, even in the best of circumstances such recovery may be unlikely. Therefore, optional key recovery service products to attempt a recovery might not be offered given the low chances of success. If offered, such optional key recovery service products will require a significant fee.


Key recovery services may be offered for a fee that have a good chance of recovering lost serial numbers if the information required for recovery exists. If your organization has lost your serial numbers and does not have enough information to use any optional key recovery services that may be offered, then your licenses have been irretrievably lost and you must acquire replacement licenses at the regular price. Replacement licenses are not discounted because it costs more to determine if a discount is warranted than the cost of fresh licenses.




For to recognize you as a Manifold licensee when contacting the company on matters relating to your license you should include the serial number for your license. will always take possession of the serial number as proof positive the correspondent is the licensee. Note however, that possession of a serial number does not entitle you to any services, such as tech support or other services, which are not part of the license. Such services are normally provided using support tokens or other mechanisms, some of which may be limited to the original licensee. Free services are provided only to the original licensee who is in possession of the original serial number email and is writing from the email address to which that serial number email was sent. See the Support pages on the web site for additional information.


Running out of Activations


Manifold is not licensed for endless usage no matter how many times you need to re-install it. Each serial number can be used for only a limited number of activations. Through sensible use, prudent computer administration and by taking advantage of free additional keys, low cost additional keys or low-cost upgrades that may be offered from time to time it is fairly easy for virtually all users to continue using Manifold without running out of activations at a very low cost per year or at no cost at all. See the Activation Keys and Serial Numbers topic for details.


See also the Support pages on the web site for any optional services (either free or paid) that may provide a route for additional activations for a serial number.


Payment does not Confer a License


The licensee is the person who has the serial number. That can be, and often is, a different person than the person who pays for the license. A very common situation is where one party is the credit card holder paying for the transaction while a different person is the user who receives the serial number email and who actually uses the product.


Occasionally in the course of disputes such as partnership dissolutions the person who paid for a license will be angry that does not regard that person as a "co-licensee" or will not take instructions from him or her as the licensee. However, if you do not have the serial number you are not the licensee and you have no rights in the license at all even if it is you who paid for the license.


The situation is analogous to what happens if you buy a car for cash and then give it to someone else so the car is registered in that other person's name. As far as the car registry is concerned, if your name is not on the title to the car it doesn't matter that you paid for it. The person whose name is on the title is the owner of the car. Although car titles may be encumbered by lien holders, there is no such thing as an encumbrance on a Manifold license. Whoever has the serial number controls that license.


If you pay for a Manifold license, keep in mind that the user receiving the product and serial number will be the licensee. If you don't trust the licensee and wish to retain some degree of control over the license, provide your email address as the initial email address to which the serial number is sent. You can then forward the serial number to the ultimate user. However, in the meantime you can keep a copy of the serial number so that you too have physical possession of the serial number.


Transferring a License


The EULA allows you to transfer your license once to someone else. A license may only be transferred once, so the person to whom you transfer your license cannot subsequently transfer their license to someone else.


To transfer your license, provide the serial number to the new licensee. When transferring a license, you must also transfer all Manifold materials, such as product installation download files or serial numbers, to the new licensee. You must also delete Manifold System from any computer on which you have installed it, since if the same serial number is active on more than one computer a license violation sooner or later will be detected and the license will be revoked.


A transfer is a permanent change of licensee. You cannot lend a license to someone else by temporarily transferring your license to them and then having them transfer the license back to you. Once you transfer your license to someone else, you lose all rights in that license.


On occasion will receive emails from people who say that a Manifold licensee has transferred their license to them and that should update the license record accordingly and send them the required serial number. Such emails have no effect because only the licensee who possesses the serial number can transfer the serial number to a new licensee. If you think you have received a Manifold license from the original licensee but have not received the serial number for that license, you must take that up with the original licensee. If they have not provided you with the serial number for that license, you are not a Manifold licensee.


If you are acquiring a Manifold license from a third party, you must be able to trust that third party not to cheat you - it is a "buyer beware" situation. You must trust that the serial number provided to you is a valid serial number that matches the software provided and is the edition desired. For example, if you want to acquire an Enterprise license make sure that you are getting an Enterprise serial number and not a Professional serial number. You must trust that the serial number still has a sufficient number of activations remaining from the original five so that you can use the software as you desire. For example, if the serial number provided has only one activation left you will not be able to install Manifold both on a desktop machine and on a portable computer. Finally, you must trust that the person providing Manifold to you has indeed uninstalled Manifold from their computers and will not provide the serial number to anyone else, to be sure that your serial number will neither be revoked nor used up without your knowledge.


Activation and Support


Please make sure to read the Activation Keys and Serial Numbers topic carefully to understand the activation mechanism used to copy-protect Manifold before acquiring a license from any third party. To check the status of a serial number, please visit the Support page on the web site for links to the status-checking page.


Very Important: Note that under no circumstances will provide activation assistance for anyone but the original licensee writing from the original email address used for the license. If whoever procured the license you wish to use tells you otherwise, you are being misled.


Arguments between Partners


There are many circumstances in which the ownership of licenses may be in dispute. For example, partners who acquired Manifold for a mutual business may break up their partnership and subsequently argue over who gets the Manifold license. Partnerships are dissolved, couples divorce, businesses go bankrupt or are restructured, employees quit without making note of serial numbers, resellers might take money for Manifold licenses and not deliver the product and many other circumstances occur in which licensing rights become muddied in the eyes of participants.


In all such cases, does not get involved in any private disputes. Under no circumstances will intervene. Whoever has possession of the serial number controls the license. If more than one party knows the serial number and there is a dispute between those parties that is a problem between the parties which they must resolve on their own.


Disputes with Resellers is a direct Internet sales company that does not designate resellers or authorize distributors. No person or company is authorized by to in any way make any representations on behalf of or to in any way act on behalf of No person or company is authorized by to change the terms and conditions of licensing or any other business policy of


If you acquire a Manifold license from a reseller or other distributor, that reseller has simply acquired Manifold just as anyone else can do and has no special authorization from to act in any way on behalf of If you deal with such a person you are engaged in a business deal that has no connection with If that person lied to you and told you they were an agent of or otherwise specially "authorized" to represent that is a problem between you and the person who lied to you.


The situation is just like that if you buy some used electronic equipment from a private seller on eBay. If that private seller lied to you about the nature of the equipment or neglected to give you various missing parts required to operate that equipment your dispute is with that private seller and not with the original manufacturer of the electronic equipment.


There are many consultants, VARs and resellers of various kinds in the GIS industry who are high-integrity people and who choose to use Manifold as part of the solution they offer. Such people can often be the source of outstanding value and service to customers, but customers must always be aware that in such cases they are dealing with a third party and not with or any agent of Choose a reseller whose integrity you can rely upon.


Because the originating reseller is Manifold's customer, not the person who buys from the reseller, people who buy from that reseller must be able to trust the reseller not to cause that license to be revoked by financial or other cheats. For example, if the reseller procured a license using a credit card, resold the license to the reseller's customer and then a few months later the reseller charges back the credit card transaction that license will be revoked. Even if the chargeback is not successful ( disputes all chargebacks) the license will not be useable for future discount offers or for other transactions requiring the use of a credit card because it will have been permanently associated with an attempted credit card fraud.


Regrettably, a premium brand like Manifold will always attract the attentions of dishonest people who will falsely claim association with the brand in order to steal some of the brand's prestige for themselves. Just as some crooks will falsely claim to be "authorized" Rolex dealers when they are not, some people will claim to be "authorized" Manifold dealers when they are not. As always in business, customers should be wary of imposters and vendors of either counterfeit goods or counterfeit relationships.


In some cases the problem might not be outright fraud but just simple incompetence. Some middlemen are not able or willing to follow even the simplest of instructions or invest even the bare minimum of self-education but are nonetheless interested in using the booming market interest in Manifold to turn a quick dollar for themselves. Instead of facilitating software acquisition and installation such middlemen might cause chaos and frustration for their customers. Customers should not involve middlemen who do not have the expertise and willingness to support them and who do not bring true value added to the transaction.


Example 1


John Doe and Harry Doe are brothers working together in a partnership. John Doe orders Manifold System and receives the serial number. He gives the serial number to Harry. One year later the partnership dissolves acrimoniously and the partners verbally agree that Harry should get the Manifold license since he is the more technical person.


Harry Doe sends an email to with the serial number for the license and directs to change the license record to make Harry the licensee of record. replies that whoever has possession of the serial number is the licensee and that the company does not update license records in that way.


A few weeks later, John Doe decides he doesn't like the verbal deal he made with Harry. Unknown to Harry, John emails to get the serial number (he has mislaid it) and is informed that if he does not have the serial number, cannot provide it to him.


John is upset, but when he cools down he sends all sorts of long letters and copies of partnership agreements to show that the partnership has dissolved and he, being the one who really paid for Manifold in the first place, should be the licensee of record. politely replies that none of that matters as the company does not take sides in any dispute. Anyone with the serial number can control the license and someone who does not have the serial number is out of luck. The serial number is not tied to any user or any one machine. Anyone who has it can use it. Really.


After a while, John asks that if he finds his serial number can he order a transfer of the license back to him. politely responds that whoever has the serial number as a practical matter can use it. John is not happy, but finally decides to honor the deal he made with his brother. He hires a new GIS guy for his new business and gets a fresh copy of Manifold.


Example 2


Jane Doe has acquired Manifold from a reseller who has assured her (falsely) that he is the exclusive Manifold authorized reseller in her geographic area. When she downloads and installs Manifold and launches the product, she discovers she needs a serial number. She calls her reseller who tells her to contact to get a serial number.


For the sake of this example we don't know why the reseller tells Jane to contact for the serial number. It could be that the reseller is dishonest and has already installed the serial number on the reseller's machine. Or, it could simply be that the reseller is negligent and hasn't bothered to pay attention to forwarding the serial number email to Jane.


Jane emails requesting a serial number, providing a copy of her sales receipt from the reseller. politely responds that Jane is not a Manifold licensee and thus cannot discuss the status of any license with her. Jane is also advised to contact whoever provided Manifold to her to make sure that the original licensee transfers the license to her and also provides her with the serial number.


Jane becomes angry with because she thinks the company owes her something since she acquired Manifold through an authorized reseller and so she writes a lengthy, angry email. politely responds that there is no such thing as an authorized Manifold reseller and no such thing as exclusive geographic territories and that if someone so represented themselves they did not tell her the truth. Jane is informed that does not get involved in any dispute between her and any third party. The letter from to Jane concludes by citing the web pages that state for the record does not authorize any agents or resellers.


In the above case, Jane's best recourse is to work the issue with the reseller, getting the reseller to give her the serial number for the license (which most likely was emailed to some email address provided by the reseller). Jane can then use the serial number as she sees fit.


Note that is not at all involved in the above transaction since the company does not authorize any resellers or have any special contractual arrangements to allow any third party to represent the company. is a direct Internet sales company and does not use distributors or resellers. However, anyone can purchase from the company and then subsequently resell and transfer a license to someone else as allowed by the EULA.


The situation is no different than if someone walks into a computer store, purchases a Microsoft product, and then later misrepresents himself to other people as an authorized Microsoft reseller, sells them the Microsoft product he bought in the store and fails to provide essential information required for use. In that case, Microsoft is not involved at all in that transaction since Microsoft has no control over what people do with the product once they buy it in a store, as anyone can do.


Example 3


Harry Doe goes to work for a large company as a temporary contract employee and suggests the company begin using Manifold System. He orders a copy of Manifold using a personal credit card (he is later reimbursed for the expense by the company) using his home address and gives a email address since he has not yet been issued a company email address. When the serial number email arrives he downloads and installs Manifold on a machine at work and begins using it.


A few months later the temporary project is completed and Harry is hired by another company. He carefully hands over his serial number email and other information to his replacement, explaining the need for the replacement not to lose the serial number and to review tech support procedures and how to use the serial number. But the replacement is a new guy who is somewhat careless. He doesn't bother to review the information or save the serial number. A year later the computer on which Manifold was installed crashes and Manifold needs to be re-installed and re-activated, but no one can find the serial number for the license or even remember how the company came to be in possession of Manifold.


The company sends an email explaining the circumstances, asking to provide a list of all licenses acquired on behalf of the company and requesting a transfer of any licenses to a current employee. politely replies that if the customer no longer has a serial number they may have an opportunity to use a key recovery service, for a fee, but otherwise any serial numbers are indeed lost.


In this case the company should have taken better care to manage its intellectual property assets, such as license rights, to avoid losing valuable assets during a change of personnel. The company's best option is to contact Harry and to ask him if he still has a copy of the serial number or if he remembers how the company came to possess a copy of Manifold.


Eventually, they find someone who remembers Harry and they send him a note asking him about the serial number. Unlike his careless replacement, Harry is a good guy and very organized and has kept a copy of the serial number exactly because he suspected his replacement would be negligent. He sends in the serial number.


However, suppose no one could remember how the company got Manifold or perhaps Harry was not a good guy or left the company under negative circumstances and thus was disinclined to do any favors for a company that no longer employs him. In that case the company probably has no practical recourse other than to pay for a new license or to take a chance using whatever key recovery service might be available.


License Terminations


If you do not follow the terms and conditions of the EULA will revoke your license to use Manifold System. Licenses will also be revoked for non-payment. For example, if you chargeback a credit card transaction with you will lose any Manifold licenses procured in that transaction and you will permanently lose any access to transactions requiring the use of a credit card, such as discounted upgrades to future products, even for any products you procured that were not involved in the chargeback.


Note that a Manifold System license cannot be loaned or shared, nor can it be installed on more than one machine except that in addition to installation on one desktop machine it may be installed on a portable computer used principally by you so long as that Manifold license on the portable machine is not used at the same time as the one on the desktop machine. In a nutshell, you cannot allow your Manifold license to be used on multiple machines. If you do, sooner or later the license violation will be discovered and your license will be revoked.


Do not lend to or share Manifold System with other parties. You may transfer your license on a one-time basis, but note that you must provide your serial number and all materials without retaining any functioning installations of Manifold System. If you acquire a Manifold license and then provide it to some third party without transferring all use as required by the EULA, it is only a matter of time before becomes aware that more than one person is using the same Manifold license, causing the license to be revoked.


Do not publish serial numbers or Activation keys or other tokens in any public forum. Doing so will revoke the license.




The bottom line is that it is very easy to keep your Manifold license in good shape: don't make illegal copies of Manifold, don't install one license on multiple machines, don't loan out or share your Manifold license and don't post your keys on the web. Make sure to save a copy of your original serial number email in a safe place. If you do decide to transfer your license to someone else, do not retain your original installation. You cannot continue running Manifold if you transfer your license to someone else. You must uninstall your original license, delete all Manifold materials in your possession and transfer both the serial number and all materials to the new licensee so both you and the recipient comply with the EULA.


If you acquire a Manifold license from someone else it is up to you to make sure the serial number you receive still retains sufficient activations for you to get the use you desire from that license.


Tech tip: You can check the status of any serial number by visiting the Serial Number Status page that is a link available in the Support page and in many other pages on the web site. By entering a serial number into the Serial Number Status page you can see if it is a valid serial number, what Manifold edition it authorizes and how many activations have been used.


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