Linked Images from Oracle Servers

Manifold System Enterprise Edition and higher editions can link images into a project that are stored within Oracle Spatial databases or within standard Oracle databases using the GeoRaster facility. If you do not have at least Enterprise Edition installed, you will not be able to use the features described in this topic.


Oracle data sources using Oracle Spatial or that include GeoRaster capability (available in some other Oracle DBMS products) can store images as well as drawings. Manifold can import images or link images from an Oracle data source into the Manifold project. Manifold can import a variety of image types from Oracle data sources, including indexed (palette) images and images stored with channel interleaving.


Images are imported or linked from Oracle using the Database Console dialog.


To link an image from an Oracle server using the Database Console:


1. Launch the Database Console using Tools - Database Console.

2. Connect to the Oracle data source desired.

3. Browse the data source to locate the image desired.

4. Right click on the image and choose Link to link it or Import to import it.


The image will appear in the project pane as a linked image.


Oracle Data Source Dialog Controls



URL to be used to connect to the Oracle server.

User name

User name, if required to login to the server.


Password, if required to login to the server.


Press to test the connection to the server.


Oracle Images and Projections


Oracle images are delivered by the Oracle server in a specified projection, which Manifold will maintain. As a practical matter they cannot be reprojected. To use such images in a map, create the map based upon the Oracle image so the map uses the same projection as the Oracle image. Alternatively, Unlink the image so it becomes a local image stored within the project. We can then do with it whatever we please.


Exporting Oracle Images


An image linked from Oracle may be exported to a file using the File - Export - Image command. The image linked from Oracle will be exported as a single image using the specified image format.


An image linked from Oracle can be shared to an Enterprise Server.


Unlinking Oracle Images


An image linked from Oracle may be transformed into an ordinary image by right clicking the image linked from Oracle in the project pane and choosing Unlink.


Converting Oracle Images


Another way to convert an image linked from Oracle into an ordinary image is to open the image linked from Oracle in a window and then choosing Image - Convert. Converting an image linked from Oracle creates a local image in the project of the desired type, being equivalent to first unlinking it and then converting the new local image into an image of the desired type.


Linked Images and Channels


Images linked from native Oracle data sources allow custom selection of which Oracle channels should be used for R, G and B channels via the View - Display Options dialog.




By default the image will use Channel 3 for Red color, Channel 2 for Green color and Channel 1 for Blue color. If we check the Custom channels box we can change these settings to whatever we like. We might wish to change channel assignments either to create a "false color" image or to adjust channels to their natural correspondence if an image was stored to Oracle using unusual channel / color assignments.


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