Installing and Activating a Manifold Extension

This topic supplements the information in the Activation Keys and Serial Numbers topic. Please read that topic before continuing with this topic.




The Manifold System product line contains optional extensions, such as the Surface Tools and Geocoding Tools and Business Tools packages, which extend the functionality of Manifold by adding new commands and capabilities. These optional extensions are not delivered separately: instead, they are part of the code within every Manifold System installation and simply must be "unlocked" for functionality.


If you have licensed one or more of the three optional extensions you will receive a serial number that identifies the license for that extension. That serial number may be used to turn on that extension and to activate it for permanent use. The serial number and activation process used is similar to that used for Manifold System itself.


If you have licensed an extension, do not search for some special installation package or special setup program. If you have installed Manifold System you have already "installed" the code necessary for that extension. All you need do is use the serial number for that extension to activate the extension.


·      If you have installed Manifold System you are ready to activate a Business Tools, Geocoding Tools or Surface Tools extension using the serial number for that extension that was sent to you.

·      If you have not installed Manifold Sytem you cannot activate or use an extension. Extension products require previous installation of Manifold System.

·      If you do not have the serial number for the desired extension package, you will not be able to activate that extension.

·      Serial numbers for extensions must match the release level of the Manifold System installation. For example, to activate Surface Tools on a Release 8.00 Manifold System installation you must have a 8.00 Surface Tools license.


Activating an Extension


The Help - Activate Extension dialog is used to provide a serial number and to activate a desired extension. When Help - Activate Extension is launched, the system will close any open projects and raise the Extension Activation dialog to allow entry of a serial number or of a serial number and an Activation key. The system will then shut down Manifold so that Manifold may be re-launched with fresh activation information. When Manifold is re-launched it will automatically be reconfigured so that the activated extension will be fully enabled.


There is no need to specify which extension is being activated, since each serial number for an extension is specific to the extension that it activates. For example, if you license the Surface Tools package from you will receive a Surface Tools serial number. Entering that serial number into the Extension Activation dialog will automatically turn on Surface Tools.


Just like the serial number used to enable Manifold, serial numbers for extensions typically allow a temporary period of usage, normally 30 days, without requiring activation. This preliminary period allows time for users in remote areas to acquire an Activation key while still being able to use the extension. While an extension is operating on serial number alone the Help - About dialog will report how many days are left on that serial number before activation is required.


Note that some product bundles licensed by may use a single serial number both for Manifold and also at the same time for any Manifold extensions. For example, the Universal Edition Manifold System product configuration provides a single serial number that turns on Enterprise Edition features and also turns on Business Tools, Geocoding Tools and Surface Tools features as well.


If you license a Manifold System edition other than Universal Edition and then also license Business Tools, Geocoding Tools and Surface Tools, you will receive four serial numbers: one for Manifold System and one for each extension. To install and activate all of these products you will have to use the Manifold System serial number to activate Manifold.


You will then have to use the serial number for each extension to activate that extension. You will end up going through the activation process four times, once for Manifold System and then once again for each of the two extensions. For this reason, licensing Universal Edition is a real convenience for managers and users because it allows use of a single activation procedure to install and activate Manifold System as well as all extensions.


Example: Activating Geocoding Tools


Activating a Business Tools or Surface Tools license uses exactly the same procedure as that given below using the Geocoding Tools extension as an example.


If you license the Geocoding Tools extension you will receive a serial number for your Geocoding Tools license by email. If you license more than one Manifold product in the same order all of the serial numbers for all the products in that order will be in a single email, clearly identified by product for each product licensed.


1. Login as Administrator if running Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2003, Windows XP or Windows 2000. If using XP Home in default configuration any user login with "Computer administrator" rights is OK. Close any programs running in background except essential Windows processes. (Temporarily shut off any virus checkers, network checkers, uninstallers, registry protectors and other programs that might limit the extent of Administrative privileges).

2. Launch Manifold System. Close any projects that may be open.

3. Choose Help - Activate Extension

4. In the Extension Activation dialog enter the Geocoding Tools serial number. Enter it exactly as it was issued to you by Do not change upper case to lower case. Do not replace hyphens with space characters or make any other changes to the serial number. If desired, you may also enter an Activation key for the serial number as well. Press Accept.

5. Manifold will then exit. When re-launched, the Geocoding Tools package will be enabled.

6. Using the serial number alone the Geocoding Tools package may be run for 30 days from the date the serial number was issued. After that, an Activation Key must be fetched and provided to the Help - Activate Extension dialog together with the serial number. Once an Activation Key and a serial number have been provided to the Help - Activate Extension dialog the extension will be permanently installed. Don't forget to login as Administrator when permanently activating the Geocoding Tools extension.


See the Activation Keys and Serial Numbers topic for information on how to get an Activation key. If your computer is attached to Internet you can get an Activation key automatically from the Extension Activation dialog by pressing the Get Activation Key via the Web button in the dialog. If your computer is not connected to Internet you can get an Activation key manually as discussed in the Activation Keys and Serial Numbers topic.


Caution: Just like your main Manifold System serial number, you only get five activations per serial number for an extension, so be just as careful with such activations as you would be with your Manifold System license.


Command Line Activation


Extensions may activated via a command line as set forth in the Activation Keys and Serial Numbers topic.




Visit the Support page on the web site for links to the Activation Guide and Activation Troubleshooting pages.


The most common problems reported by users when activating extensions are:


·      Administrator login not used. You must login as the Administrator in Windows 7, Windows Vista, XP, 2000, Server 2003 and Server 2008. See the Vista Admin Login link in the Support page if you think you are logged in as Administrator but in fact are not.

·      Mixing up serial numbers. Except in the case of Universal Edition, you cannot use a main Manifold System serial number (such as a serial number for Manifold System Professional Edition) to turn on an extension. You must use the serial number for the extension. Likewise, you cannot use a serial number for an extension to turn on a main Manifold System license. For example, a Surface Tools serial number cannot be used to activate a main Manifold System Professional Edition license.

·      Inaccurate system date. Your system date must be accurate to install an extension. The extension's serial number codes the date when it was issued and when it requires an Activation key and Manifold will not allow the serial number to be used if you attempt to use it outside the allowed dates.


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