Image - Tile

Divides an RGB or RGBa image into tiles of given X and Y extent and then averages pixel values within the tiles to derive a single color that is then applied to the entire tile. This is used for aggregating and interpolating raster data images into larger tiles and for creating "pixelated" artistic effects.


This command is also available on the Transform Toolbar for images as the Tile transform operator. However, when used from the transform toolbar the effect is immediate with no preview possible. The parameter for Tile in the transform toolbar is used for both the X and Y pixel tile size.


X Tile

Size of tiles in pixels in horizontal direction.

Y Tile

Size of tiles in pixels in vertical direction.

Use same X and Y

When checked, any change in X or Y the other value as well so that X and Y values are always the same.

Preserve Colors

If checked, will use a median computation to derive the color to be used for the tile from only those colors that already exist in the image.


Check to see effect in action.


images\img_bronze.gif images\img_tile_eg01.gif


If we begin with the sample bronze image, using a value of 10 for both X and Y converts the image into tiles that are 10 pixels square where each tile is a single, solid color.




Using different values for X and Y results in rectangular tiles. The above image was created with X value of 16 and Y value of 4. The resulting tiles are sixteen pixels wide and four pixels high.




Using an X of 1 pixel and a Y of 16 results in an interesting artistic effect.


Preserve Colors Checkbox


The Preserve Colors checkbox controls how Tile determines what color to use for the tile. If this box is not checked, Tile will average the RGB values for all pixels within the tile to determine what RGB values represent an arithmetic average. This may pick out a new color that is not yet used within the image. When the Preserve Colors checkbox is checked, Tile will use a median computation to find the color already used within the image that is a best fit to the desired, interpolated color to use for the tile.


We use the Preserve Colors checkbox if this image was converted from a limited palette image and we do not want any new colors introduced into the image.