Image - Simplify

Simplify is a very versatile effect that may be used for both pre-processing of RGB or RGBa images intended for vectorization as well as for purely artistic effects.



Increase to apply more effect (that is, greater simplification).


The number of neighboring pixels to consider for each pixel.


The number of iterations.


Check to see effect in action.


Simplify works by taking each pixel in the image and examining its neighboring pixels out to a given number. The pixel is then set to a color given by the weighted average of its neighbors. Increasing the Times value tells Manifold to repeat the process the given number of iterations. Repeating this process will eventually reach a point where for any given combination of Level and Neighbors settings there will be a Times setting after which no more changes occur.




When applied to the sample bronze image with a high Level will result in a pointillist effect.




Applied with a maximum Level the figure becomes abstract in its simplification.


A Cartographic Example




We can use the Threshold command to pull features of a given color out of a scanned raster map, such as the above section of a USGS DRG scanned raster map.




Simplify applied with a Neighbors value of 3 gets rid of the scattered dots in the image.