Image - Noise

This command adds the desired amount of noise to RGB or RGBa images in the form of random color or monochrome color changes per pixel. Such changes will be often be perceived as adding small line segments, since human perception will attempt to "organize" random noise into distinguishable features.



Move the slider to increase or decrease the amount of noise. Alternately, enter a value from 0 to 255 directly into the value box.


Check to add monochromatic noise only. This changes the lightness values of pixels without shifting their hues.


Check to see the effect previewed in the image.


images\img_bronze_noise.gif images\img_bronze_noise_mono.gif


The image at left shows color noise, while the image at right has the same amount of monochromatic noise.


This command is also available on the Transform Toolbar for images as the Add Noise and Add Noise(Mono) transform operators. However, when used from the transform toolbar the effect is immediate with no preview possible.