Image - Equalize

Equalize builds a histogram of colors used in all pixels in the RGB or RGBa image from the brightest to the darkest and then alters colors of pixels in between so there is the same number of pixels at all brightness levels.



Offset the brightness level higher or lower from the default 50% level. Increasing level results in higher overall brightness.


Check to see effect in action.


This command is also available on the Transform Toolbar for images as the Equalize transform operator. However, when used from the transform toolbar the effect is immediate with no preview possible. In the transform toolbar version the parameter specified is used as the level.




images\img_schloss.gif images\img_equalize_01.gif


Starting with the schloss sample image applying an Equalize with a level of 0 (seen above) is similar to the Auto Level transform. It provides better balance between light and dark tones to give more character to what started as a slightly washed-out image. Applying Equalize with a level of -76 shifts the tones to darker levels for an almost "sunset" effect as seen below.