Image - Diffuse

The Diffuse command moves pixels in RGB or RGBa images by swapping them in a "random walk." Reapplying Diffuse several times will move pixels further and further away from their original positions. Diffuse is used to apply artistic effects. If a selection is present, Diffuse will ignore any unselected pixels. Diffuse will also ignore invisible pixels.



The number of times diffuse should be reapplied.


Check to see effect in action.


The mages below show a zoomed-in view with one application of Diffuse as well as a view after several applications of Diffuse.








Note how pixels "drift" at random from their original positions with repeated applications of Diffuse.




When used with photographic images, Diffuse provides a pixelated, "dry brush" painterly effect. The illustration above shows the effect after using a level of 9, applied to the sample bronze image that was previously altered using the fluoresce command.


If a selection is present, the action of the Diffuse command is limited to the selected pixels.




For example, in the image above a circular region was selected and then Diffuse was applied.