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Each serial number that authenticates a license for Manifold System product has a limited number of activations. Therefore, it is critically important for users to read and understand the Activation Keys and Serial Numbers topic before using the Help - Activate command.


When first launched after installation, Manifold System raises the Activation dialog to allow entry of a serial number for preliminary functioning or the entry of both a serial number and an Activation key for permanent installation. At any time thereafter, the Help - Activate command may be selected to re-activate the system. Before using this command, it is wise to check the Help - About dialog to see what Manifold System edition and extensions have already been activated on the subject system.


Typical uses of the Help - Activate command include:


·      Changing the serial number of a system to a different serial number during the preliminary installation period when running on serial number alone.

·      Changing the serial number of a system to a different serial number after permanent installation (requires use of an Activation key).

·      Installing a different Manifold edition, such as installing Enterprise Edition on a machine on which Professional Edition has already been installed. In that case, we would raise the Help - Activate dialog to allow entry of the new Enterprise Edition serial number and Activation key.


When Help - Activate is launched, the system will close any open projects and raise the Activation dialog to allow entry of a serial number or a serial number and an Activation key. The system will then shut down Manifold so that Manifold may be re-launched with fresh activation information.


A related dialog is the Help - Activate Extension dialog, which is used to turn on an optional extension such as Business Tools, Geocoding Tools or Surface Tools.


Note: The Help - Activate command is not used when a Manifold installation is running with license authorization from a Manifold License Server. In that case, the Help - Activate command has no effect on the License Server authorization because a License Server authorization always takes precedence over any local activation status.




Serial number

A serial number authenticating a Manifold System license. Serial numbers must match the release level of the Manifold System product. For example, after installing Manifold System Release 7.00, a 7.00 Manifold System serial number must be used. A 6.50 Manifold System serial number won't work.

System ID

An identifier for this particular installation. The System ID is automatically generated by Manifold and cannot be edited. It can be copied by highlighting the System ID and using CTRL-C or by right-clicking on the highlighted System ID and choosing Copy in the context menu.

Activation key

An Activation Key fetched using the serial number and System ID. Activation keys may be fetched automatically if the computer is connected to Internet, or they may be fetched manually. After a period of 30 days from the date the serial number was issued, an Activation key is required along with the serial number to activate Manifold.


Accept the serial number and (if entered) the Activation key.


Abandon the activation process.

Get Activation Key via the Web

After entering a valid serial number, press this button to fetch an Activation key automatically if the computer is connected to the Internet. When this button is pressed, Manifold will take the Serial number provided together with the System ID and will connect to the Manifold key server via the web and request an Activation key for that Serial number and System ID.

Caution: gettng an Activation key via the Web will use up one of your five activations. Do not fetch an Activation Key unless you are ready to immediately activate Manifold for permanent use on this computer.

If all five activations already have been used up, or if the serial number is not valid, getting an Activation key via the web will fail.




John installed and activated a Manifold System Professional Edition license on a machine in his department several months ago. Since then, his company has acquired a few dozen Enterprise Edition licenses for installations and now installs Enterprise Edition on all machines. John would like to upgrade the one remaining Professional Edition machine to Enterprise Edition.


John acquires an Upgrade to Enterprise Edition product on the Manifold Online Store, trading in the Professional Edition license by providing the serial number for that Professional Edition license during the checkout process for his upgrade purchase. He gets an email with the new Enterprise Edition serial number for the upgrade.


John launches the Help - Activate dialog and enters the new Enterprise Edition serial number provided to him for his upgrade. He does not enter an Activation key. When he presses Accept Manifold shuts down. The next time John launches Manifold, the Activation dialog pops open to let him know how many days he has left in the preliminary installation period of his Enterprise Edition serial number. John clicks Accept to continue though the dialog to launch Manifold in the usual way. He sees that Enterprise Edition features have been enabled.


After a few days, John realizes there is no point in procrastinating and he may as well activate the Enterprise license on this machine, so the next time he launches Manifold and the Activation dialog pops open he presses the Get Activation Key via the Web button to automatically fetch an Activation key. He presses Accept and now Manifold is activated on that machine as Enterprise Edition.




If you have several Manifold System licenses you can determine which serial number was used on a particular system as well as which extensions, if any, have been activated by launching the Help - About dialog.


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