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In addition to copyright and trademark information the Help - About dialog lists the following information about the your Manifold System installation:


·      Edition - The edition of Manifold System installed, such as Professional Edition or Enterprise Edition.

·      Build / Version Number - Provide this number to technical support if you ever contact technical support in connection with a support incident.

·      Installed extensions - Provides a list of optional extensions, such as Business Tools, Geocoding Tools or Surface Tools that have been enabled via the Activate Extension dialog. Extensions activated with a serial number alone will report how many days are left on the serial number. Extensions activated both with a serial number and a permanent Activation key will not show a time to expiration.

·      Serial Number - The serial number used to install this license. The last few digits are concealed with "X" characters to keep your full serial number secret. You can use the leading digits to determine which serial number was used to install this license if you have several serial numbers. The "X" masked version of the serial number cannot be used to fetch activation keys - this is to protect your serial number from unauthorized use.

·      CPU - The central processing unit reported by Windows.

·      GPU - Whether the graphics processing unit is CUDA capable or not.

·      RAM - The amount of dynamic RAM memory reported by Windows as installed in the computer. Note that 32-bit versions of Windows may report less than the full amount of physical RAM actually installed.

·      Operating system - The Windows version and build reported by Windows.

·      32-bit or 64-bit mode notice - This status line indicates whether Manifold is running in 32-bit mode or 64-bit mode.


Manifold Build / Version Numbers


Manifold build numbers (sometimes referred to as version numbers) have four parts separated by dots, for example, We may read this example as follows:


·      The first two parts identify the product version so that 7.1 indicates release 7.1, the immediate successor to release 7.00. For marketing purposes, 7.1 series product releases are collectively known as the 7x generation.

·      The third part identifies the patch number. Patch numbers are incremented to indicate any updates issued after initial release. In the example, a 0 indicates this is the original release of this product iteration and is not a subsequent patch.

·      The fourth part is a revision number used mainly within to identify various internal candidate builds created on the way to publication of new product version and patch for public use. In the example this is revision 67.


Note that Manifold build / version numbers have changed with 7x and subsequent product releases. The old system used a single number, such as "Build 429" which increased linearly. The new system provides a four-part nomenclature to help keep track of more frequent builds and more frequent updates.


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