Edit - Go / Go To

Edit - Go To provides a rapid way of panning and zooming to a desired view. Options include:



Enabled if the Geocoding Tools extension has been installed. Go to a given street address when that address is provided either in full or partial form.


Enabled if a layout has been created. Pan and zoom to that layout.

Location (latitude / longitude)

Go to a given latitude, longitude coordinate.

Location ( projected coordinates)

Go to a given coordinate using projected coordinates. Handy for use with UTM and similar systems.


Go to all objects (zoom to entire component), the selection or to a saved selection.

Zip code

Enabled if the Geocoding Tools extension has been installed. Go to a given ZIP code.



Edit - Go appears with tables only, and allows jumping the current record to the First, Next, Previous, Last or end position in the table to insert a new Blank record.




With script, comment and query windows, Edit - Go To can jump to any text line or bookmark if bookmarks have been inserted into the component. Go To in scripts can jump to any breakpoint if breakpoints have been inserted into the component.




To jump to a particular bookmark, choose it in the lower combo box and press OK. Bookmarks will be shown prefaced with their line numbers.




To jump to a breakpoint, choose Breakpoint in the Go To combo box and then choose the breakpoint desired. To jump to a line number, choose Line in the Go To box and then enter a line number in the lower box.


Geocoding Tools


If the Manifold Geocoding Tools extension has been installed the Edit - Go To command will allow a GoTo to an Address or to a Zip code. Area of coverage depends upon the geocoding data source that is being used. For example, using the Manifold geocoding database coverage will extend to the US only. If MapPoint is used coverage will be the North American or European coverage provided by the MapPoint edition in use.


The address may be a full street address, or it may be a partial address, such as "Atlanta" or "Atlanta, GA" or "GA." Manifold includes a gazetteer of large city names so that "Atlanta" will find the large city in Georgia and not one of the various small towns of that name throughout the US. City names will take priority over states when spelled out, so that "Washington" will find the capital city of the US and not the state. To find the state, use "WA."


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