Edit - Find / Find Next

Appears with all components that contain text or have searchable data associated with them. Searches with regular expressions to match a custom pattern of characters are allowed if the Use regular expressions box is checked.


Very important: Searches proceed from the current record to the last record in the table. To begin at the beginning, we must press the Restart button.


Any located object found with Find or Find Next becomes the primary selected object and clears the selection.


Find what

The value or regular expression to be found.

Match whole word only

Match the value only when it occurs as a whole word. With this checked, "the" will match the word the but not occurances of these letters within words such as weather.

Match case

Find is case insensitive by default. This forces a match exactly on the case given in the Find What value. Example: unchecked, "the" will match The and tHe.

Use regular expressions

Regular expressions are a concise and flexible notation for finding and replacing patterns of text.

Search only in

By default, Find will search all fields. Check this to restrict the search to only the field given.

Find Next

Find the next instance of the value.

Find All

Find and select all instances of the value.


Move the current record pointer to the beginning of the table. Searches proceed from the current record pointer only.


Close the dialog



See the Regular expressions topic for information on using regular expressions. Regular expressions are a sophisticated and flexible way of searching for patterns of text.