In vector-oriented legacy GIS products, the word "coverage" usually refers to a vector layer in a map that may be composed of vector objects such as points, lines and areas. Such vector layers are drawings in Manifold. Because Manifold maps can have drawings, images or labels components as layers in maps, we do not use the word "coverage" within Manifold. We simply speak of layers or we refer to the specific component type and speak of drawings, images, or labels layers.


Note that sometimes the word "coverage" is used in a slightly different context to mean "category of layers". For example, the US National Imagery and Mapping Administration (NIMA) uses this word within the VMap data set series to refer not just to one layer but to an ensemble of layers with a particular category. A boundary "coverage" within VMap data sets, for instance, may consist of several sets of line, point or area objects that in the normal use of the word would be considered separate "coverages."




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